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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Squeezes Hayden for Intel on General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Rebecca Budig

Kathleen Gati, Rebecca Budig

Kim pushes off Franco's advances. He says he remembers everything about them, including their special New Year's Eve night. Kim says he's Franco not Drew, which angers him. Liz tries to step in, but Franco says he doesn't want to know her and storms off.

Brad shows up at the pub in time to hear Lucas and Julian discussing the move. He's not happy about it. Lucas reassures him they'll visit anytime. After Lucas leaves, Brad asks Julian what he's supposed to do if Wiley's birth parents want to claim him. Julian tells him not to fixate on it and move on.

Valentin wants an update from Finn about Cassandra's whereabouts. Finn knows nothing. Valentin wants to contact Anna.

Hayden claims to Liesl she lost an earring when she was at Wyndemere for dinner and she has permission from Nina to look for it. Liesl doesn't believe her and threatens to call the police.

Jax overhears Maxie tell Peter that Liesl was headed back to Wyndemere. He sends Hayden a warning text. Liesl grabs Hayden's phone and is upset to see she's colluding with Jax. Liesl responds to Jax's text, then erases any sign of him on Hayden's phone to protect him. She's still determined to call the police on Hayden, who offers her dinner with Jax in exchange for her silence.

Sam wonders if there is a way to reverse the memory mapping. Robert says Franco needs to live with the memories or end up in a vegetative state.

Brad decides he should change Shiloh's medical records so they match Wiley. Lucas finds him so Brad covers. Lucas notices the records don't show any sign of Shiloh having the same heart condition that Wiley has.

Robert comes across Finn and Valentin, and lies to Valentin that Cassandra was spotted in Newfoundland. After Valentin leaves, Robert admits to Finn there's been no sighting of Cassandra. He says he wants Valentin to show his hand.

Robert tells Finn that Dr. Cabot wants a deal in exchange for helping with Franco. Cabot promises to tell them which of Anna's memories are Alex's.

Liz and Drew explain Franco's situation to Kim. She's shocked to find out Franco believes he's Drew. Liz is determined to find a way to reverse the procedure.

Franco finds his way to the Rib where he runs into Maxie and Peter. He gets angry when Maxie calls him Franco. Peter realizes why Franco is behaving that way and believes he's had the memory mapping done. Peter blames himself because he had the flash drive at one point.

Sam gets to the hospital. She finds out Franco has left, and Liz and Drew have no idea where he's gone.

Jason shows up at the Rib and runs into Franco.