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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Wants Answer From Robert on General Hospital

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Olivia falconeri, Robert Scorpio, General Hosptial

Lisa LoCicero, Tristan Rogers

Franco spends the night in lockup. Jason stops by. Franco wants to know how memory mapping could happen. Jason says Dr. Cabot is responsible and is in jail, but no one knows how to undo it.

Scott is shocked, yet concerned to hear from Drew about what happened. He decides Franco needs a lawyer. Scott stops by to see his boy and explains he's his father. Franco's not ready to hear it, so Scott offers his lawyerly help, which Franco accepts.

Jordan tells Curtis that Shiloh has been denied bail and will head straight to Pentonville. Shiloh however, gives the Invader a call to let them know about Alexis' past. (Is there anyone in town who doesn't already know about Kiefer's accident or that she was involved with Sonny?)

Alexis brings Sam to Julian, who tells Sam he's moving with Kim. Sam asks her mother if she has conflicting feelings. Alexis says she's glad Julian turned his life around and stepped up to the plate for Kim.

Sam tells Julian they don't have a relationship even though he's her bio father only. Julian asks for a chance before he leaves. Sam agrees to set up a date with her and the kids.

Liz is happy that Hayden has moved in, but wonders why. Hayden says she has changed and wants to be there for Liz and the boys.

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Drew and Curtis head over to Liz's. She wants to know if Dr. Cabot can undo the mapping, but Drew believes it can only go one way. Curtis says no one has tried. Hayden wonders why Franco would agree to it since he has no connection to Liz and the boys.

Liz says it's her job to convince him. Hayden tells Liz the Franco she knows is gone and wonders how she'll convince a stranger. 

Robert meets with Sonny, Olivia, and Lulu. Olivia's upset when she hears that Dante suffered a setback and will not be coming home. Lulu says he's still dealing with PTSD. Olivia wants Dante to come home and begs Robert to help make that happen.

Lulu tells Sonny and Olivia that won't be contesting the divorce, which means it will be final in 20 days. Lulu says she's doing what's best for her family and wants the grandparents to be there for Rocco.

Olivia heads over to the pub. Julian finds out she's the one buying it, She's doing it for Leo since it's where Julian turned his life around.

Shiloh's put in the cell across from Franco while they wait for their ride to Pentonville. Shiloh talks about the last time he saw Drew, which was when he delivered him to Helena. (The great Constance Towers still looks remarkable.)

Shiloh explains he offered Drew a cut of the money. Drew had no interest and planned on turning him in. When Helena came-a-knockin,' Shiloh was more than willin' to take money in exchange for Drew.