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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Works His Magic for FrankenDrew on General Hospital

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Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner

Shiloh lays it on thick to Franco that he's the only person who can be trusted. He wants the location of the money in exchange for information on Drew's life. Shiloh mentions Oscar and how he's the only one who will tell the truth.

Drew's worried that Franco will leave town before he gets help. Scotty comes up with an idea and heads over to talk to Franco. Curtis tells Drew that he hasn't been able to find Andre Maddox. Drew worries that Shiloh will get into Franco's head.

Scotty tells Franco he cut a deal, but he'll need to wear an ankle monitor and stay in town. Scotty swears it's a good deal, though Franco remains suspicious.

Kim talks to Monica about her encounter with Franco. She explains how strange it was that he knew her so well, including how to kiss her. Monica says Kim's is the only familiar face to Franco and she should try to persuade him to stay in town.

Kim feels this would add to the confusion, but Monica wants her to reach out as a friend. Kim hands in her resignation and says she's leaving Port Charles. She wants a fresh start and says Julian is coming with her.

Liesl asks Maxie for fashion advice on her way to lunch with Jax. At lunch, Jax thanks her for keeping silent about Hayden being at Wyndemere. Carly spots them, thinks Jax needs saving, so heads over to the table to tell Liesl about Franco. Liesl runs out.

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Hayden's happy that Jax is doing damage control by agreeing to have lunch with Liesl. Hayden heads over to Crimson for a talk with Nina, but finds Maxie instead. Hayden's impressed with Maxie's work, but Maxie downplays her talents. After Hayden leaves, Peter wonders why Maxie trivialized herself. He says he sees her capable of running her own magazine.

Dev shows up late for his first day at the coffee warehouse, so Sonny tells him he expects the kid to be on time. Later, Jason takes Dev to task for cutting corners. The foreman tells Jason there's money missing.

Joss tells Carly she doesn't want to return to school for her final year because of Oscar. She wants to be home schooled or tutored. Carly says leaving school is not an option. Sonny arrives, so Joss says the same to him. When Carly leaves the table, Sonny thanks Joss for all she's doing with Dev. He says she should go back to school, but he's willing to stand by her if it's truly terrible.

Drew talks to Franco and warns him against Shiloh. Drew mentions how Franco has his memories. Franco says in exchange for information, he wants to know about Oscar. Drew shows him a photo and explains about his son.

Drew wants to know about Afghanistan. Drew tells Curtis what happened. Franco told him Tex brought the money back to the States and stashed it in his wife's car.

As Kim's leaving Monica's office, she runs into Franco, who asks to speak with her.

Shiloh calls Peter from Pentonville, asking to speak with him.