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Perkie's Observations: Ava's Day Drinking Conflicts With Sonny's Moral Code on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Drew tells Scott and Liz that Shiloh was after money. He explains to Liz it was in Tex's car, which is the car he bought for Oscar, which now belongs to Cam. Liz can't believe the odds of Drew buying that particular car. Drew says he sometimes gets flashes or instincts, and it led him to the car.

Peter heads to Pentonville to meet with Shiloh. Shiloh says he knows about Peter's past. He explains he was the man who handed Drew to Helena. Peter says Shiloh has no proof, but Shiloh says he doesn't need it.

Shiloh says Peter lied about everything like keeping Jason for five years. He figures no one will believe Peter, including Maxie. Shiloh says he wants to get out of prison and Peter will help him.

Barry tells Jason the deposit is missing and points the finger at Dev. Dev swears he didn't take it and accuses Barry of trying to get him fired. Sonny shows up and tells Jason to check Dev's jacket.

Jason finds $7,000 in the coat, but the deposit was for $10,000. Sonny figures out Barry was the one who stole the money, kept $3.000 for himself and planted the rest on Dev. Barry is fired and warned to move far, far away. (Because Barry would be stupid enough to steal from a mob boss. Sure.)

Trina finds Cam sitting in his car. Cam says he's selling the car and waiting for a buyer to show up. Trina tries to convince him to change his mind. Cam feels the car is bad luck and wants to get rid of it.

Drew finds out that Cam is about to sell the car and stops the transaction. He says there's something in the car, though Cam says he cleaned it out. Drew finds the package of money in the trunk. (Man, I'm going to go check the trunk of my car to see if there is millions of dollars in there from SEVEN years ago!)

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Franco confronts Kim about having a son and how it breaks his heart he didn't know. Kim says he's being cruel because she just lost her son and this is making her re-live her loss. Kim says her relationship with Drew ended when he was deployed because she didn't hear from him again.

Franco swears he wrote her a letter every month for 2 years. (Because apparently it was 1972. Wouldn't he have been sending her emails every month for 2 years?) Kim swears she never received them. Franco says he wanted a life with her and would have done anything to be with her. Kim doesn't want to discuss this anymore.

Lulu tells Maxie her divorce is final as of today. Maxie says Dante made the right decision. Lulu doesn't know how to move forward. Maxie says she needs to move on and mentions Dustin. (Seriously show, she's been divorced for 8 minutes, literally. Slow your roll with a new guy.)

Ava's enjoying a drink when Sonny walks up. He natters on about her being drunk during the day and how he'd hate to have a custody battle with her. (Why she doesn't haul off and punch him in the throat is beyond me. Why was this scene even in today's episode?)

Scott tells Ava what happened with Franco. Ava's happy for Franco because he can forget his past and be a whole new person.

Chelsea meets with Ava, who says she had a dream that Kiki was standing at the foot of her bed. She wants to know what it meant. Chelsea says it was just a dream and it meant nothing. Chelsea then heads to the hospital to see Liz, who asks if she's lost her husband for good. Chelsea's message to her is, keep a grip on one you love, no matter what".

Drew brings the money to Franco, $1.5 million. Franco wants to return it to the people of Afghanistan, but Drew reminds him of the ankle monitor. Drew says he has a private jet and he can go.

At first, Franco says there is nothing for him in town, but then sees Kim and changes his mind. He agrees that Drew should go. (Is this it for my poor, maligned Billy Miller? If so, I'm sad to see him go. He was underused and under appreciated.)