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Perkie's Observations: Ghost Kiki Can't Cut Ava Any Slack on General Hospital

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Hayley Erin

Hayley Erin

Carly wants to know why Jax was having lunch with Liesl. He claims she's fascinating, then diverts Carly's attention. The two discuss Joss. Carly mentions how Joss doesn't want to return to school. Jax is all for taking Joss on an adventure to get her mind off of Oscar. Carly disagrees, saying she doesn't want Joss to run away. Carly feels Joss needs to be normal and she'll miss Oscar no matter where she is. Jax finally agrees.

Cam's worried about Franco, but Joss reminds him again that none of this is his fault. Trina stops by and both Cam and Joss mention how they don't want to return to school. Trina reminds them of all that they will be missing.

Michael gets angry with Finn that more is not being done to help Sasha. Finn tells Monica he's running more tests to try and find out what they're dealing with.

Michael sits with Sasha, who thinks this disease is karma, punishing her for her previous bad deeds.

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Ghost Kiki (or is it Conscience Kiki) pays Ava a visit. Ava says she needs help finding peace, but Kiki says her spirit can't rest because of Ava. Kiki claims Ava made everything about herself. Ava begs for forgiveness, but Kiki says she can't help because she's dead.

Robert confronts Peter about his visit to Shiloh. Peter claims Shiloh wants to give an exclusive. Robert wants a recording, but Peter says no notes were taken yet. He uses his freedom of the press protection, but Robert warns if Peter messes with his case, Robert will charge him with obstruction of justice.

Finn shows up and tells them Drew is on his way to Africa to find Andre. Finn says they're hoping Andre will be able to reverse the memory swap.

Jason and Sam have a boring conversation about being happy in the moment. Sam gets an email from Drew, explaining about returning the money, and finding Andre. Jason says Franco has no interest in going back to his old self.

Finn gets Sasha's latest test results, which upset him.

Peter calls someone to tell them to make sure that Drew doesn't find Andre.