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Ambitions "Ex Factor" Recap: Stephanie and Evan Eviscerate Barebacking Marilyn, and Celebrate with "Dick-tation"

Robin Givens, Brian White 

Robin Givens, Brian White 

Previously on Ambitions, folks were MESSY. 

We begin this week's episode with Queen Stephanie in her office being notified by text that "Time is Up" and quickly calling Rondell who quickly declines her call. She's busy chatting with Titus who once offered to help with Thelma's Place, but can't get into it now with the lawsuit on the horizon. What gives, Titus? 

At the Mayor's office, Evan is talking to Marvin and Marilyn about how lovely Queen Stephanie said the Women's Summit was. Marilyn is having none of it, calling folks petty and basically calling out the Queen and all the other fake ass women of Atlanta. Evan clutches his pearls when Marvin takes it one step further by saying he was taking his pennies on up to Charlotte, North Carolina because, for all of it's faults, the one thing it doesn't have is a blackmailing bitch for a first lady. 

Side Note: Damn . . . I'm guessing Ms. Marilyn is going to regret coming for the Queen when she ain't been called for. 

At the U.S. Attorney's office, Karen wants to know how long she's been hunching Damian. Amara shuts her down saying it was just minor hunching and it was a while back. Karen lets her know that Damian is heading to HR because Amara and Titus are making his work environment less than stable. Oh, Karen, if you only knew. 

Bella strolls into Thelma's Place taking tone with Rondell about Inez. She ain't having it. Inez is Rondell's best friend and wants Bella to not sass her mama,  and go. 

Meanwhile, Queen Stephanie's wants everyone to calm down 'cuz as folks are beginning to panic about the deal to incorporate Thelma's Place into English Rose. Stephanie tells folks to get gone if they don't believe in English Rose. Folks start to calm down until one Ms. Lucinda Kerr decides to mouth off and remind the Queen that time is running out. Tick tock. 

Side note, Ms. Kerr needs to remember she is messing with the bitch from Buckhead and Stephanie ain't playing. 

At the Mayor's office, Stephanie is going IN on one Miss Lucinda Kerr while Evan is going off about Marilyn Barnes and the blackmail. The Queen is less than concerned, but somewhat surprised she told Marvin. Trust and believe, Stephanie will bring Marilyn to heel. 

Side Note: Wait, did Stephanie just refer to Marilyn getting barebacked in an Olympic sized pool? I hope it was worth it, girl. 

Just then, Bella showed up to get the Queen to look over her contract with DeSantos. Evan shot her the stink eye on the way out. Stephanie is SHOCKED that Bella could snag a contract of this level and says she'll make some time for her paralegal to give it the once over. On the way out, Evan interrupts Bella's elevator ride to remind her to stay in her lane, and . . . um . . . did he just say something about Inez pushing Bella out between her legs under some table, at some clinic, in the Banks? Really, Mayor Lancaster? That was way harsh. 

At Bella's apartment, Perla is excited about Bella's new contract because she's gonna be a super model. Bella's all, calm down Perla. Perla is all about how Ignacio was looking at Bella - if she don't want him Perla will take him. Perla sounds a little jealous of Bella. Bella guarantees Perla that she's got her.

Side Note: I'm maybe thinking I'm not trusting Perla so much. . . I like her, but . . . 

At Thelma's Place, Stephanie is confronting Rondell at a high traffic time which is forcing Stephanie to put on a fake smile and use her phone voice. 

Pump the brakes! Did Queen Stephanie just ask Rondell if she called "1-800-Ghetto Lawyer?" And just then, in walks all that Titus - who is right on time. He's taking the case pro bono if Stephanie can excuse them. 

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Side Note: Are those genuine hurt feelings I see on Queen Stephanie's face? Interesting. Come see the softer side of Stephanie. 

Bella and Ignacio are talking work and just how demanding he's been on her. He lets her know it's all about him, momma Valentina, and how demanding SHE is.  Bella wants to know all about Ignacio. Sounds like he used to be a dog but has reformed - we'll see. He's ready to settle down with a woman of substance - strong but not afraid to be vulnerable, and then goes in for the kiss. Bella tells him to calm his fast ass down. She's trying to keep it professional.

Side Note: Where's Brody? I'll bet he'd be willing to help Bella with Ignacio. 

Stephanie makes one last plea to Titus to reconsider helping out Rondell. She tells him that Hunter will be none to pleased that his employee, especially one who just beat the fool out of Damian, is splitting his time with pro bono work. Titus tells her to mind her own business and he will do as he pleases. 

Side Note: As Queen Stephanie squeezed that stress ball, I know it was supposed to be off-putting. All I could think was how much Evan likes that kind of pleasure/torture. TeeHee. 

Evan and Rondell are SO DAMNED CUTE. They do a little sibling dance about how Rondell and Titus held off the incorporation of Thelma's Place by English Rose. Then, just like that, Evan is back to dirty dealings and playing both sides of a very lucrative fence. 

Across town, Queen Stephanie gets an email from Lucinda Kerr and the rest of her cronies to inform her they have pulled out of the deal. Just then, Greg texted to say the whole situation is out of his hands. For the second time in this episode, Stephanie looks genuinely upset. She calls Nick and tells him she needs a bodyguard on Rondell to watch her back day and night. Is the Queen concerned about her sister in law? 

Side Note: The soft edges on Stephanie in this episode make me love her even more. QUEEN!

Evan and Stephanie have summoned Marilyn and Marvin. Marvin wants to know how Stephanie could possibly blackmail her close friend. He goes on to say he will make sure Stephanie is disbarred and Evan is impeached. 

Side Note: I'm betting on the Queen in this fight. 

Queen Stephanie does not bat an eyelash as she wonders aloud what Grant would think of this scandal. Apparently, Grant has caused an upheaval at Marvin's company and is just itching for a scandal so he can take over. 

Stephanie and Evan kiss playfully as they seem to be remembering what fun scheming and destroying people is. 

The scheming first couple of Atlanta will keep quiet about Marilyn's Olympic-sized MESS if Marvin brings his business to Atlanta. Marilyn begs him not to do it. He tells her to shut the hell up and Stephanie does a spit take minus the liquid. Just as the Queen is relishing her moment of victory, Marilyn, without hesitation, admits to poisoning Stephanie at the Women's Summit. Evan quickly holds the bitch from Buckhead back before Marilyn got GOT. 

As Marvin and Marilyn take their leave, it becomes clear that the Queen got HOT watching Evan consume his prey. She pops up on Evan's desk, rips off her shirt and declares that she is ready to take DICK-tation. GET YOUR LIFE, QUEEN!

At Purifoy, Damian confronts Titus about Amara and their adulterous history. He explains he's just trying to help Titus and Amara is telling all of the lies about their history. They didn't just have sex once. Titus had her "all over Birmingham." Why should he believe it? Check your Purifoy account. Oh Titus . . . 

At home, Titus is waiting for Amara. This is not going to be good. Titus begins talking about how he helped Rondell because of Amara. Uh oh, he is sitting over a broken picture of him and Amara. Titus says he is done and he knows about Damian. Amara doesn't really seem to get it until Titus starts talking about how many times she had sex with Damian. He tells her he read her text messages. Oh Lord, Damian sent Titus audio. "I miss you. I cum so hard when I'm with you and ache when we're apart" . . .  and she is trashing Titus and thinking about leaving him. Yeah, Titus is done. Amara begs him to stay, but he tears himself away and slams the door. Amara throws herself to the floor in agony. 

Amara GUTTED me in that last scene. I'm a wreck. How are you feeling? What do you think will happen on the mid-season finale? Sound off in the comments!