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Perkie's Observations: Nina Gets The Full Picture From Cassandra on General Hospital

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Cynthia Watros, Sofia Mattsson

Cynthia Watros, Sofia Mattsson

Friends and family gather at Casa Corinthos for Carly and Sonny's marriage renewal. Bobbie, Mike, Michael, Kristina, Joss, Dev, Avery, Sam, and Jason watch as the two say their vows.

Finn tells Nina the test results show that Sasha has avian flu. Nina questions whether it can be treated. Finn says treatment should have started 48 hours after symptoms occurred. But, Sasha passed that mark a long time ago. Finn questions Sasha as to where she came into contact with any birds in Puerto Rico. Surprisingly, Sasha has no idea. Finn wants everyone who came in contact with Sasha to be tested. Nina wonders if the hospital is equipped to deal with this.

Chase asks Willow to move in with him. She worries it will ruin what they already have. Chase reassures her so she agrees.

Alexis and Diane are exhausted after a workout. They run into a young woman who's also training. The two head for lunch and discuss Alexis' inability to have a relationship. Alexis explains that Neil fired her as a patient because it got awkward. Diane mentions she saw Neil on a blind date from an online profile. 

Diane continues to try and convince Alexis to pursue Neil. The woman they met approaches them, introduces herself as Kendra, a personal trainer. Diane's not interested, but Alexis pulls the woman's card.

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Previously, Kendra had been studying the Invader article about Alexis' hit and run. (Let me guess, she's Kiefer's long lost never before heard of sister who will be out to avenge his death. I think I've seen that story before.)

Jax and Hayden talk about Nina. Jax says he likes her and is worried about Nina's relationship with Valentin. Jax says Valentin is very similar to Jerry. (Two mentions of Jerry today. What's Sebastian Roche up to these days?!!). Hayden feels Nina is a spoiled rich girl with a cushion of money. 

Jax says they need to get into the trophy room at Wyndemere to find the codicil to Mikkos Cassadine's will. Then, the Cassadine fortune can be restored to it's rightful heir. (Well it's about time they clue us in to what these two are looking for. Though, do we really think a codicil will be sitting around in a room and not in a bank vault or with a lawyer somewhere?)

Jax says he needs to convince Liesl to help him get into the room.

Epiphany and Finn discuss Sasha's case. Since Sasha never came into contact with birds, Finn decides someone must have deliberately contaminated Sasha's food.

Nina sits with Sasha. She gets a text photo of Sasha, Michael, and Cassandra.

Chase arrives at Casa Corinthos and tells Sonny that Barry is missing.