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WATCH: Will Abby Turn to Austin For Comfort On Chad & Abby in Paris?

Kate Mansi

Kate Mansi

While Chad's (Billy Flynn) away, will Abigail (Kate Mansi) play with Austin (Austin Peck)? Daytime Confidential has gotten a first look at this week's seventh episode of the DAYS saga, Chad & Abby in Paris. In episode six, Chad got stuck at work, thanks to his scheming sexy co-worker Juliette (Rachele Schank), leaving his wife to explore the city of lights with her newly-single former crush Austin. Will Abigail start to get those old feelings back?

Check out the sneak peek of Abigail offering Austin a place to stay while Chad is away below!

DAYS Austin and Abigail
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This is getting JUICY! A brand new episode of Chad & Abby drops this Thursday on the DAYS App.