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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Tries to Smack Some Sense Into Franco on General Hospital

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Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Roger Howarth

Chase questions Sonny about Barry's disappearance, but Sonny claims no knowledge. Dev walks in, so Chase asks him if there was any conflict with Barry. Dev claims the foreman was a great guy who was talking about planning a vacation.

After Chase leaves, Sonny is upset with Dev for lying and making up an elaborate story the police could disprove. He warns Dev to say nothing next time.

Finn tells Michael that has a diagnosis for Sasha. Michael doesn't understand where the virus came from in the first place. Finn says he needs to take a round of antibiotics as a precaution.

Nina shows Valentin the photo from Cassandra, then shows Finn. Finn says knowing it was done on purpose will make the treatment harder. Finn wants to let police know, but Valentin shuts that down, saying he wants to keep it under wraps. Finn says Cassandra might target someone else they love.

Scotty tells Bobbie he's worried Franco will leave town once the ankle monitor is removed. Bobbie asks what she can do. Scotty mentions Sasha being sick and how if Franco were to get it, he would have to be quarantined.

Bobbie throws her glass of water in Scotty's face, angry that he would suggest she help out that way. Bobbie says she won't bend the law since she could lose her license. Scotty apologizes, but is still upset. Bobbie promises to help, legally, but points out that Franco needs to decide what he wants.

Liesl pays Franco a visit and slaps him in the face to snap him out of it. She says she refuses to humor his delusion. Franco says he didn't ask to be a guinea pig, but he is Drew Cain. Liesl says she has plans to help since she has experience in memory mapping.

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Franco says he doesn't want to undo things and he wants to live as he is now. Liesl says he's fighting for a life that doesn't belong to him. She wants him to remember everyone who loves him, herself, Scotty, Liz, and the boys. Liesl tells Franco to fight for the life that belongs to him.

Epiphany stops by to check up on Liz. Pif says it's okay to be upset. Liz says she can't accept that Franco's not coming back and wishes she could get through to him. Liz worries that if she pushes, it will drive Franco away. Pif tells her to listen to her heart and to fight for Franco.

Julian discusses the move to New York with Kim. He's excited at their prospects. Kim says she's made a decision as well and proposes marriage. Julian realizes it's because of what's happening with Franco and Kim is proposing for the wrong reason.

Kim insists while Franco is a factor, she does want to spend the rest of her life with Julian. Julian says she's been making too many impulsive decisions lately. Kim realizes he's telling the truth and backs down. Later, Franco spots the two of them kissing.

Nina shows Michael and Sasha the photo, and explains that Cassandra is a drug trafficker who intentionally targeted Sasha.

Chase pops by to ask Finn out to lunch. Finn tells him about Cassandra. He wants protection for Nina and Sasha. Chase points out that Finn could be a target as well.

Carly tells Jason she's worried that Sonny is making choices that are not in Dev's best interest. Later, Carly tells Sonny she doesn't want Dev in the middle of his business. She's worried the police will dig into Dev's background and find the truth. Dev eavesdrops as Sonny reassures Carly he's keeping an eye on Dev.

Franco stops by to see Liz.