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Perkie's Observations: Elizabeth Wants Her Husband Back on General Hospital

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gh 22

Liz is happy to see Franco and talks about her boys. He's quick to ask her to stop referring to him as Franco, because he's Drew. Franco says he's better off not being the killer he's read about online.

Liz says he was cured after the tumor. She says she loves her husband and wants him back. Franco's surprised to hear Drew is on his way to find Andre to undo the mapping. Franco refuses to talk to Andre, because it would mean the end of who he is.

Liz says he's robbing her of her husband. Franco says he's not the man she loves. He removes his wedding ring.

Michael updates Sonny on Sasha's condition and Cassandra's part in it. Sonny recognizes Cassandra from the photo and thinks she was targeting Michael because of him. Michael says the message was for Nina.

Monica tells Jax that anyone in contact with Sasha will need to be tested and started on antivirals. She's not certain of Sasha's prognosis.

Nina tells Valentin she wants Cassandra caught, dead or alive, so she's no longer a threat. Valentin promises to take care of it.

Jason comes across Cameron at the hospital. Cam says he wants to talk to Franco's doctors. Cam mentions how things were similar for Jason after the car accident. Jason explains how he had to create a new relationship with the Quartermaines and it took years. His advice to Cam is not to pressure Franco.

Jordan tells Curtis she's been medically cleared and she's planning on returning to work tomorrow.

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Robert wants Mac to continue in the job. However, Mac says he's not going to take Jordan's job away. Jordan shows up and says she's been cleared.

Sonny and Michael show up at the station to find out what's happening in the search for Cassandra. Sonny tries to throw his weight around, but Mac says he has an APB out on her.

Jordan praises Mac for a job well done in her absence. She offers him a position as chief of detectives.

Jax offers his connections to Nina. She tells him to drop his phony concern. Nina says she knows he has a secret file on Cassandra. Jax swears he has nothing to do with her. Nina accuses Jax of working an angle on her and Valentin. Jax admits he's not a fan of Valentin, but that he only wants to help her. Nina tells him to get lost.

Monica tells Jason she's worried Franco will leave town and she wants a chance to find out more about Drew's earlier life. Jason says Franco may not be interested in talking to her and not to push him. Jason apologizes for how he treated her and the Quartermaines after his accident.

Valentin summons Curtis. He tells Curtis to find Cassandra and deliver her to him, not the WSB. Jax spots them talking.

Lulu's in the park with the kids and runs into Dustin. Dustin helps Rocco with his catch.

Cam gets home to find Franco with Liz. He explains to Franco how he saved him from the memory mapping. Franco decides he's had enough and starts to leave, but Cam stops him. Franco says he's not the man they want, because he can't be someone he's not.

Robert asks Michael to go over what happened on the island, in case there is something he didn't realize. Michael says he may know where to find Cassandra.

Sonny heads to the hospital to get information from Nina. He wants to know her history with Cassandra, but Nina refuses. Sonny continues to push until Jax comes to Nina's defense.