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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Gets Caught Checking Out Neil's ... Profile on General Hospital

Joe Flanigan, Nancy Lee Grahn

Joe Flanigan, Nancy Lee Grahn

Valentin wants Curtis to find Cassandra and hand her over to him rather than the WSB. Curtis doesn't want anything to do with murder, which Valentin claims he has no intention of doing. Valentin offers 5 million dollars, but Curtis turns him down.

Nina says Cassandra's vendetta is personal against her and has nothing to do with Sonny or Michael. Jax stops Sonny from pushing more and says they need to focus their energy on finding Cassandra.

Michael tells Robert he noticed Cassandra had a bottle of Betaferremax, which is a drug banned in the US. He explains that ELQ was interested until the FDA turned down the drug. He says Cassandra would need to fill the prescription in a different country.

Molly catches Alexis checking out the online service that Neil signed up for. Molly's happy that her mother is open to new possibilities. Hayden, who's walking around with a finger painting from her daughter, overhears a comment from Molly about Alexis and Finn.

Hayden interrupts to ask Alexis about being with Finn. Alexis says they were briefly together and it was nothing. Molly mentions her article for Peter about the Cassadines. Hayden reminds them of her brief marriage to Nikolas and how she's also a Cassadine. Hayden offers to swap stories with Molly, which confuses both Molly and Alexis.

TJ talks to Jordan about the school loans. Jordan says she's back on the job full time and Curtis has other clients other than Aurora, he shouldn't worry. The two talk about Stella, who's having fun with her cousin in Europe. TJ doesn't understand how the genetics company could have gotten the familial connection wrong by originally saying Stella was related to someone closer than a third cousin. Later, TJ complains to Molly about the genetics company.

Finn tells Sasha he's going to start her on a higher dose, but admits he's in unfamiliar territory. Sasha wonders if he'll be able to cure her. Finn explains about his own health scare and how he pulled through. Finn tells her to keep fighting and not give up.

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Neil runs into Alexis and spots her looking at his online profile. She points out he's no longer her therapist so checking him out isn't crossing any boundaries. Neil offers to tell her anything she's interested in. (Seriously, these two are adorable.)

Jax confronts Nina about Curtis double crossing him and working for Valentin. He knows that Curtis is a plant to spy on him.

Michael sits with Sasha and asks if she has any family he'd like her to call. She deflects and Michael wonders why. Sasha promises to tell him everything once she's better.

Robert tells Finn about the drug that Michael saw Cassandra taking. He wants Finn's help in tracking her down. Finn says Bolivia is one of the countries where the drug is legal.

Valentin is concerned about Jax's possible connection to Cassandra. Nina says she believes that Jax has no contact with her.

Jax tells Curtis he knows he's working for Valentin against him. Jax fires Curtis.

Sonny finds Jax and says they both want Cassandra found and should work together. He tells Jax that Nina is hiding something and to look into it.

Jordan tells Curtis that some of their insurance won't cover the cost of her surgery. Curtis calls Valentin and tells him he'll find Cassandra.