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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Warns Liz Against Taking Drastic Action on General Hospital

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Kin Shriner, Rebecca Herbst

Kin Shriner, Rebecca Herbst

Ava complains to Julian that she received a letter from Ryan in which he declares his love for her. Julian tells her to tear it up and not give Ryan any power.

Sam worries that Shiloh will manage to wiggle his way out of the charges and come after Kristina again. Kristina is not worried, claiming Shiloh no longer has power over her.

Mac tells Felicia about the chief of detectives job and she's thrilled for him. Felicia says she's happy running The Rib her way and wants him to accept the position.

Peter has a dream where he tells Maxie the truth about his involvement with Helena and how he was responsible for everything that happened to Drew and Jason. (Gotta admit, I fell for the dream and was SUPER pissed when it turned out not to be real.)

Jason runs into Franco at Oscar's Meadow. Franco says he wants nothing to do with Franco's past even though Jason points out it's his legal identity. Jason says he can't watch Franco hurt those who love him, but Franco says he can't be the man they want him to be.

Jason mentions how Monica wants to know Drew's past, but Franco's not interested in filling in the pieces. He tells Jason he plans on leaving town when the ankle monitor is removed. Jason says Franco's breaking the promises he made.

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Shiloh's waiting for his hearing and annoying Chase with talk about being Wiley's father. Alexis happens by, so he needles her about how her daughters enriched his life.

Liz runs into Kim and asks if she's been avoiding her. Kim says things got weird with Franco, but she's handling it. Kim says she and Julian are leaving to spend their lives together.

Scotty stops by to see Liz, who tells him about her visit with Franco the night before. Scotty's worried that Franco will leave. Liz says they need to force him to stay. As Franco's wife, Liz can file a legal claim he's not in his right mind, giving her guardianship.

Liz says they can commit him to Shadybrook until Andre gets there to reverse the mapping. Scotty says Franco would hate them and wonders what will happen if the reversal doesn't work. Liz says Franco promised he'd come back to her and this is the only way, so Scotty agrees to help her.

Alexis meets with Kendra to discuss a holistic approach to an exercise regimen. Ava interrupts to complain about Ryan's letter. Alexis says Ryan has a first amendment right to write the letter and tells Ava to simply not read it.

Jason updates Sam about his encounter with Franco and how he believes he'll leave town.

Peter pays Shiloh a visit. Shiloh's mad that Peter hasn't gotten him out of jail yet and the hearing is about to begin. Shiloh says his lawyer will make him plead guilty and he needs Peter to step it up or else.

Kim stops by Oscar's Meadow and runs into Franco. He asks about her relationship with Julian. She says Julian is the first man she's been in love with since Drew. Franco tells her that he's leaving town.