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Perkie's Observations: Hayden Wants a Piece of the Cassadine Pie on General Hospital

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Hayden Barnes, General Hospital

Rebecca Budig

Franco wants Kim to tell him about Oscar. At first, she says it's too hard. Then, she talks about her time with Drew and how they agreed to break up when he deployed. Kim talks about Oscar, how he was diagnosed, and how they moved to Port Charles to find his family. Kim has all the feels for Franco. The two share a kiss.

Curtis tells Jordan that Jax fired him and that he's no longer working for Valentin either. He tells her not to worry, that Hayden called him for a job. 

Hayden tells Jax that this quest to find Mikkos' will is taking too long and she's bringing Curtis in to help. Jax refuses, saying Curtis is working for Valentin to spy on him. 

Jax wants to leave when Curtis arrives, but Hayden begs him to hear her out. Hayden explains to Curtis that Valentin is not the rightful heir because of a more recent codicil. She wants Curtis' help to find it.

Curtis wonders what's in it for Hayden. She reminds him she was married to Nikolas at one point and wants a piece of the pie. Curtis doesn't want Nina blindsided so Hayden agrees he can tell her. 

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Olivia and Sonny talk about Dante. Olivia still hopes that her son will come home to her. 

Liz tells Cameron that she's working to get Franco home, but needs his help with Jake and Aiden. 

Joss questions whether Dev has his cover story for when school starts and goes over the details with him again. 

Carly, who has a broken foot (thanks to an accident on Laura Wright's part) is forced to take it easy at work. She is surprised when Mike and cousin Gladys show up for a visit. Jax, then Joss and Dev show up. Dev and Gladys pretend to be grandma/grandson for Jax's sake. Sonny shows up and warns Gladys not to renegotiate their deal. 

Julian's looking for Kim at work. Liz says she's worried about Kim and believes she has feelings for Franco. Julian thinks Liz is overreacting since the whole thing with the memory mapping is hard to wrap their heads around. He believes things will be easier on everyone once he and Kim leave. 

Liz tells Hayden her plan to have Franco committed to Shadybrook until Andre can find a way to reverse the mapping. Hayden questions whether it's possible for Andre to reverse anything.

Jordan calls Curtis to come to the hospital where Andre is unconscious and on a ventilator. Curtis asks about Drew. Jordan says Andre wandered into the ER alone and passed out.