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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Has a Man-to-Man With Franco on General Hospital

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Cameron Webber, General Hospital

Roger Howarth, William Lipton

Cameron spots Kim and Franco kissing, but Trina stops him from interrupting, so the two eavesdrop instead. Kim pulls back saying it's wrong because Liz is her friend. When she calls him Drew, Franco jumps on it and claims he's more Drew Cain than Drew is. Kim points out he doesn't have Drew's DNA, which doesn't seem to bother Franco.

Franco says he wants Kim to leave with him when he goes, but Kim says it would destroy Liz's life since biologically he's Franco. Franco says it would be more cruel of him to go back since he wants the life that he now remembers. Franco says he has no connection to Liz and Kim is his family.

Kim says she loves Julian and he's been good to her. Franco claims he's the love of her life and she won't be able to stay with Julian. He says he wants to take Kim with him when he leaves. Kim storms off.

Cameron confronts Franco. He reminds Franco he sacrificed himself for Cameron. He says Liz stood by Franco and now he's treating her like dirt. Franco says that guy is gone and nothing is bringing him back. Cameron says he's glad Oscar is dead since he'd be disappointed in Franco's behavior. (Hey writers, just because he has Drew's memories, it does not make Franco Oscar's father, anymore than Drew having Jason's memories didn't suddenly make him Danny and Jake's father. Stop it with that.)

Maxie's happy, but concerned with Mac's new job as chief of detectives. She complains how the men she loves all want to be heroes. She asks Mac to be safe whenever he wears the badge. 

Robert warns Peter the others will eventually see the dark side of him and his ego will be his undoing. Peter however, believes Maxie and Mac will defend him if Robert comes after him.

Jordan calls Mac to let him know about Andre. Peter overhears and follows Mac to the hospital. Felicia questions Robert about his animosity towards Peter. Felicia says it's not okay and to leave it alone.

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Jason stops by Liz's. He's sorry she and Franco got caught in the fallout with Shiloh. Liz is certain Franco will be back soon enough. Jason asks what she'll do if he doesn't. He says he's worried about her. Liz accuses Jason of being happy if Franco leaves because he never accepted her with Franco. Jason admits it, but says he doesn't want to see her in pain. He says Liz needs to prepare for disappointment. Liz says she's not giving up without a fight. 

Liz gets a call from Epiphany about Andre. She sends Jason in her place. Cameron gets home and Liz wants to go, but he needs to talk to her. 

Alexis tells Julian there's a problem with the sale of the pub and it will take a week to clear up. Julian's concerned since he wants to leave with Kim as soon as possible. Julian complains about Kim being confused about Franco.

Lucas stops by to see Julian. Julian gives him papers for a trust fund he set up for Wiley. 

Alexis runs into Kim and offers her legal services to get a restraining order for Franco. Kim says Franco isn't stalking her, but she's the only face he knows. 

When Mac gets to the hospital, he updates Jordan that the security cameras showed Andre drive up in a car, get out, and pass out in the emergency room. Mac plans to check Andre's cell phone to retrace his steps. 

Jason gets to the hospital looking for information. Pif mentions patient confidentiality, but Mac says Jason is officially helping. Pif says Andre was stabbed in the abdomen. 

Peter heads into Andre's room.