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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Scores on Her First Date With Neil on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn, Manila Luzon, Joe Flanigan

Nancy Lee Grahn, Manila Luzon, Joe Flanigan

Alexis tells Diane about her first date with Neil, which we now see via flashbacks. Seems the two went to Drag Bingo and Alexis won and the two kissed. (Seriously show? We can't have a real date? I've been waiting for these two to kiss for weeks and this is what I get?)

Brad tells Liesl he changed the test results to show that Nina and Sasha are mother and daughter. He warns that he's done with her blackmail threats and Liesl reassures him.

Nelle and Shiloh sit together waiting for their turn with the therapist. Nelle disses his book and wonders how anyone would believe in it. Shiloh lays the smarmy attitude on her. Nelle says she wants to help him reunite with Wiley. Shiloh questions why she wants to help him. Nelle claims she has a beef with Quartermaines and she'll make sure he gets his stock and his son. (What does that devious girl have up her sleeve?!)

Jax overhears Dev tell Joss she can cut school if it becomes too much and isn't happy. Joss reassures Jax she's going to make a go of it. At school, Joss is upset but gets through the day.

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Jax tells Sonny he would have wanted a heads up about Dev moving in with them since he's in Joss' home. Sonny says Dev needed a home and he takes care of his family. Jax tells Carly that Joss can move in with him once he gets a house and she can alternate weeks.

Carly tells Lucas she saw Brad and Liesl talking and isn't happy about it. Later, Lucas questions Brad, but he makes up a story.

Michael tells Nina he thinks it's odd that Sasha has no one to call. Nina thinks the more time Sasha spends in Port Charles, the less her previous life holds for her.

Finn gets the final results and lets everyone know that Sasha will make a full recovery. Michael, Nina, Valentin, and Liesl celebrate the good news. 

Finn warns Valentin to let the authorities take care of Cassandra. Nina tells Valentin she wants Cassandra taken care of so they can focus on their safety. Valentin says Michael was a target as well, which means Cassandra is now on Sonny's radar. He says Sonny will take care of the problem for them. 

Carly tells Sonny she agrees with Jax's concerns about Dev. Sonny reluctantly agrees, but then says he wants to know about Jax's connection to Cassandra.