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Perkie's Observations: Scotty Begs For Sonny's Help on General Hospital

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Scotty Baldwin, General Hospital

Kin Shriner

Jordan and Curtis discuss where Drew's plane might have gone down based on his flight plan. Sam and Jason discuss how it's not a coincidence that someone tried to kill Andre at the same time Drew disappeared. Jordan calls them to come down to the station to put their heads together.

Monica checks in on Andre, who says he's there to help restore Franco's memories. Monica doesn't want him to since it will erase Drew's memories she's interested in.

Sonny stops by the Pub. He gives Julian a wad of money in exchange for the old photos that Mike liked. Julian refuses the money and offers to drop off the photos to Mike.

Michael runs into Willow at the hospital. She says she had an interview for a position as a pediatric teacher. Michael tells her about Sasha's recovery. Brad walks by with Wiley. When Michael mentions running into Liesl in the elevator, Brad gets angry and decides he has somewhere to be. Willow and Michael agree to watch Wiley while he's gone.

Franco puts the heat on Scotty to move things along so they can take off the ankle monitor. Scotty admits to Liz the DA will drop the charges soon. Liz wants Scotty to start the paperwork to get Franco admitted to Shadybrook. Scotty wonders what will happen if the reversal doesn't work. He worries that Franco will hate them. 

Monica stops by to see Franco and tells him he wants to know about Drew's past since she didn't get a chance to raise him. Franco says he wants to leave once the monitor is off and agrees to tell Monica what she wants to hear in exchange for her using the Quartermaine name to get things expedited.

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Jordan says according to the WSB, the pilot and copilot only exist on paper and are gone. Curtis says someone was willing to stop both Andre and Drew. Jason wonders who has the resources since Shiloh's in jail and no longer needs Drew's memories. 

Jordan gets a call that Drew's plane crashed and there are no survivors. 

Liz pays Andre a visit to ask if it's possible for the memories to be restored. Andre says the procedure may not work, but it's still experimental. Drew's memories could intensify or leave Franco in a vegetative state.

Scotty summons an impatient Sonny and asks for his help in getting Franco to come back. Scotty pleads to the father in Sonny for help. Scotty asks  . . . if he can't keep Franco in town legally will Sonny have his goons help? 

Brad stops by the pub to tell Julian he's having problems with Liesl. Julian warns him to let things be, but Brad blurts out that Liesl was the one who delivered Wiley. Julian puts all the pieces together and figures out Nelle and Michael are Wiley's birth parents. Julian accuses Brad of stealing Sonny's grandchild and dragging him into the mess.

Michael and Willow sit with Wiley. She mentions how happy she is to have time with her son. Michael mentions how he doesn't look anything like Shiloh. Willow admits Wiley doesn't look like her either. Michael mentions how he, Joss, and Wiley actually look very much alike.

Monica leaves as Jason gets to Franco's door to tell them about Drew.