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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Is on Brad's Hit List on General Hospital

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Brad Cooper, General Hospital

Parry Shen, William deVry

Brad admits to Julian that he stole Sonny's grandchild and explains what happened that night. Julian wonders why Brad went along with Nelle's plan. Brad says the Corinthi life is dangerous. Julian says Nelle hates the Corinthi and Brad played right into her nutty hands.

Brad says he's not sorry and all was fine until Liesl started talking on the Haunted Star. Julian realizes that Brad pushed Liesl and tried to kill her. Brad says he and Liesl have a truce, but he can't trust her. Brad wants Julian to get rid of Liesl for him. Julian says Nelle is just as crazy, but Brad says she won't talk. Brad lays it on thick that Lucas will lose his family if the truth comes out and Julian needs to kill Liesl.

Peter calls someone to ask why Andre is still alive. He tells them Andre can't be allowed to perform the reversal on Franco in case the memories intensify and Franco remembers Peter's involvement.

The kid that saved Peter from the cabin last summer (yep, they pulled that old nugget out of their butts) runs into Peter. He's upset that he needs a tonsillectomy. Maxie eavesdrops as Peter reassures the kid. Maxie then tells Peter how great he is. (Seriously, these two, I just can't.)

Jason tells Franco and Monica that Drew's plane went down and no body was found. Jason says there is a connection to Andre's attack. Later, Jason calls Franco and warns him that whoever is behind this may also come after him.

Liz runs into Kim and tells her what Cameron saw in the park. Kim apologizes for the kiss, but says there is a connection with Franco. Liz points out that he isn't Drew. Kim counters that mentally, he is. Liz feels all Kim is doing is making her own pain worse. Kim says she shared a bond with Drew and Franco remembers it. She asks what Liz plans to do if Franco doesn't come back. Liz says Franco is her husband and she'll do everything to bring him back. Liz tells Kim to accept that and stay away. 

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Joss skips class and goes to Oscar's Meadow, where Michael finds her. She explains how she thought she wouldn't be able to do school without Oscar, but was even more upset to find out that she was okay. Joss is upset that she's moving on.

Michael says she can't stop living her life and mentions the support group that he attends. Joss poo-poos the group. Michael mentions his own grief and how he's trying to honor Jonah. He tells her not to feel guilty when she's hopeful.

Carly gets a call that Joss skipped classes and tells Sonny that things aren't working out with Dev living with them. She says it's hard for Joss to grieve for Oscar and now she has to cover for Dev at school and with Jax.

Sonny calls her selfish, reminding her that Dev saved his life in Turkey. Carly says all the lying about Dev's identity is not working. Carly comments that Dev can go to boarding school. Sonny tells her not to use Joss as an excuse.

The two continue to argue, then bring up the people who they cheated with (Jax for Carly, Martina for Sonny). Then Carly realizes they're both scared about the baby and are using that to drive themselves apart. Sonny agrees, so the two apologize.

Kim finds Franco to tell him she won't be running away with him. Franco tells her that Drew's plane went down and there were no survivors.

Jason finds Liz and tells her the same thing. Liz realizes the only thing left of Drew are the memories in Franco's head.