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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Sam Spar About Drew on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Mona

Kim's in denial when Franco tells her that Drew's plane went down, his body is missing and he is presumed dead. Chase shows up and mentions that Andre was stabbed around the same time of Drew's disappearance. He seems to imply that Franco had a hand in it. Kim comes to Franco's defense, saying he had nothing to do with any of it. She says Franco was in Oscar's Meadow when Andre was stabbed.

Rocco's birthday party is celebrated at Charlie's Pub. He's upset that Dante is not there. Lulu explains again that Dante can't come home until he's better. Olivia gives him a baseball mitt and she says is from Dante. Lulu's not happy that Olivia is lying, but Olivia says she only did it to make Rocco happy.

Valentin tells Sonny they have a common enemy in Cassandra, but Sonny says Nina was the target. Valentin says Michael is in the mix now and wants Sonny to take care of Cassandra. Sonny refuses.

Jordan updates Mayor Laura about Sasha's avian flu and how it was a targeted attack with no sign of an outbreak. Laura doesn't understand why Sasha would be the target and thinks Valentin isn't giving the whole story. Jordan also tells Laura about Drew and Andre. Laura wonders who would want them both out of the picture.

Jax tells Curtis that he has a private company searching for Drew. Jax mentions the codicil that they're still looking for and tells Curtis to focus on Spoon Island. Curtis thinks he needs to speak to someone who knew Helena well. 

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Sam runs into Liz and the two commiserate about Drew. Liz mentions that Drew's last act was to send Andre to save Franco. Sam gets angry, saying saving Franco is not worth Drew's life. Liz gets angry that Sam won't let Franco move on from his past. 

Hayden shows up and defuses the situation. After Sam leaves, Liz thanks her sister for defending her. She's worried how the boys will handle hearing the news about Drew so soon after the Franco mess. Hayden promises to help her. 

Trina and Cam find Joss at Oscar's Meadow. Joss complains about missing Oscar. Cam reassures her that tomorrow will be better. Trina mentions the cute new English teacher.

Dustin shows up at Rocco's party and is introduced to Olivia as "mommy's new friend". Olivia is less than thrilled that Lulu has a new man friend. Sonny says it was Dante's choice to divorce Lulu and she can't put her life on hold. 

Valentin and Nina want Lulu to have Charlotte be available for their wedding. Laura points out that everyone around them is still in danger from Cassandra. Valentin says they're not putting their lives on hold. He promises Nina that he will deal with Cassandra.

Jax summons Sam to the office and lets her know he's still searching for Drew. He's certain that Drew will be found but in the meantime, Aurora's employees are upset. He wants to protect the company for Drew's return and asks Sam to run Drew's side. Sam can't wrap her mind around that right now.

Curtis shows up at the party to ask Laura for information on Helena.