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Perkie's Observations: Laura and Curtis Put Their Heads Together on General Hospital

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Donnell Turner, Genie Francis

Donnell Turner, Genie Francis

Laura wants more information from Curtis, but all he's willing to admit is he's looking for a document. Laura mentions Wyndemere, but also the Haunted Star, so the two decide to head there.

Peter says he's honored to be Valentin's best man and asks if there is anything he needs to get off his chest. Peter says he knows Liesl was holding something over Valentin, but Valentin says he came clean to Nina and it's all good. 

Valentin asks if Peter has his own secrets and warns him not to revisit his past. Valentin tells Peter not to share anything with Maxie to ease his guilt. He tells Peter to make peace with his past and move forward.

Maxie and Jax interview Tamron Hall to be the cover on the year-end issue of Crimson.

Michael, Nina and Liesl are there when Sasha gets released. Lucy finds them and asks if Sasha has changed her mind about being a model for Deception. Nina's thrilled at the idea, though Sasha says she needs time to recover. 

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Liesl takes Sasha aside and warns her that being the face of Deception is not a good idea. She says Sasha will become a public figure and everyone will find out that she's lying.

Brad asks if Julian is ready to kill Liesl yet. He says she'll always be a threat and the only way to protect everyone is to get rid of her. Julian says his life has changed and he's making a new life with Kim.

Lulu complains to Dustin about writing lifestyle articles since it's not where she wants to be. She mentions the Haunted Star and offers to show Dustin. The two hang out on the Star and it appears someone is watching them. Lulu and Dustin share a kiss before he pulls back. Lulu however, wants some of that!

Julian tells Alexis that he and Kim are leaving immediately rather than wait out the sale of the pub. He says he became a better person because of her. Alexis tells him to stay the man that he's become. (So no killing Liesl then.)

Peter tells Maxie he's leaving his past behind and focusing on the future.

Sasha decides she needs to tell Michael the truth.

Laura and Curtis search the Star and find something shocking in one of the state rooms. (A dead body or DustLu playing tonsil hockey?)