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WATCH: Sherri Shepherd and Jane Lynch Square Off Over Felicity Huffman's Sentencing on The Talk

The Talk

The Talk

The View former co-host Sherri Shepherd pulled up a chair at The Talk's table on Monday to guest co-host alongside the panelists, and got into a spirited debate with the other guest host, Jane Lynch. Shepherd and the former Glee star filled in for Marie Osmond and Eve. They discussed Felicity Huffman's recent 14-day sentencing for her part in the recent college admissions scandal.

Lynch claimed Huffman shouldn't do jail time since the crime didn't warrant it. Lynch stated,

I don't believe that she should have been given jail time. I don't think the crime rose to the level of incarceration. However, I do believe there are people... all over this country who are sent to jail for 5 years for much less.

Shepherd disagreed and claimed,

There is no consequence 14 days, what about the students that tried to get into USC on a scholarship and now they are going to another school. When you got 14 days, a parents says, I can deal with 14 days.

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 Lynch fired back and insisted,

Look, she committed a crime, but she dealt with it in a brave way... she put herself at the mercy of the court.

Shepherd retorted,

No she didn't. That's brave Jane? Because she talked about it?

Whew! Watch the debate below: