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WATCH: The Talk's Not Down With North West Wearing Makeup


Sharon Osbourne, Sherri Shepherd, The Talk

Sharon Osbourne, Sherri Shepherd

Mrs. O is saying no to Kanye and Kim Kardashian West's eldest daughter North, 6, wearing makeup. On Monday, the women of The Talk discussed Kanye not allowing his wife to let their daughter wear makeup anymore. It seems the ladies agreed with Sharon "Mrs. O" Osbourne sounding off saying,

I think that when you put make up on child seriously, that's when it's wrong.  Because listen, we all put on make up to enhance you don't do that to a child, and I think that all men feel the same. My husband [Ozzy] feels the same. When I would put some rouge or lippy on the girls, he would go crazy on me.

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Sounds like Ozzy ain't down with that either! Guest co-host Sherri Shepherd piped in joking,

I love the fact that Kim Kardashian, this is what I like about her, that even though Kanye runs around talking out the side of his neck, rambling at his concerts, looking like he came from another planet, she still honors him as the head of her household, that she still honors her husband and what he is thinking. I love that.

Watch the discussion below: