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Perkie's Observations: Liz Comes-a-Knockin' on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Curtis realizes someone is hiding in the closet and opens the door to find Cassandra with a gun. Cassandra forces them to tie each other up. Curtis wants to know why Nina was targeted, but Cassandra says it's personal. Cassandra wants Laura to work with her against Valentin. When distracted, Curtis takes a run at Cassandra and takes her down.

Sasha's desperate to talk to Nina alone, but Nina's all in a flutter to pamper her. When Nina heads out, Valentin confronts Sasha. When asked, Sasha denies she told Michael the truth.

Willow tells Michael she had a second interview for the pediatric teaching position. She realizes he's upset about something. Michael makes a comment about being disappointed in lying liars whose pants are on fire.

Willow points out that she lied about Wiley when they first met. Willow says the difference is if the lie is out of protection and who you truly are inside. Later, Willow gets the job. 

Brad wants to know if Julian got rid of Liesl once and for all. Julian says he came to his senses and walked away. Brad's angry that Liesl will continue to hold this secret over their heads. Julian says Brad made this mess and he's turned his life around.

Brad points out it won't matter once Sonny finds out because he'll kill them both. Julian tells Brad to man up and use the time to protect his family. Julian tells Brad to get on Liesl's good side so she'll leave him alone. 

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Liz and Andre tell Finn the odds of success with Franco's memory reversal. Liz is certain she knows what Franco would want. Andre hopes she makes a decision she can live with. Liz says Franco would want her to fight for him. Andre asks Finn if Franco has even agreed to the procedure. 

Franco and Kim kiss and head to the bedroom. (I just can't with those two. It's rare that I fast forward anything since I need to do this recap, but I couldn't sit through their nonsense.)

Liz runs into Chase and asks about Drew. Chase says the rescue has turned into a recovery. Chase tells her that he removed Franco's ankle monitor at Kim's apartment. 

Michael returns to Sasha to apologize, which surprises her. Michael says he compared her to Nelle who was evil and that wasn't right. He believes Sasha was doing the job she was hired to do and is not a monster. Sasha says she's come to love Nina, who needs to be told the truth. Michael agrees, but says not now. 

Nina asks Liesl to walk her down the aisle and she accepts.

Liz shows up at Kim's door as the two leave the bed of shame and disgust.

Laura calls Chase. He picks up Cassandra and brings her to the station. Cassandra wants a moment with Laura. She pleads her case to go against Valentin together in exchange for her release. Laura refuses. Cassandra makes her one phone call to Valentin.