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One Life to Live's Erika Slezak Recalls Viki's Long Lasting Feud With Dorian

Erika Slezak

Erika Slezak

The epic, decades-long feud between One Life to Live's Viki (Erika Slezak) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) gave viewers the most bang for their buck. It started in the 1970s and lasted through the end of OLTL's revival run in 2013.

Slezak told ABC Soaps in Depth, “In the beginning, it was very [icy] because Dorian went after Viki’s father and married him.” Over the years, the two clashed many times, but it was their ability to lean on one another when they needed to that made their rivalry unique.

What were your favorite Viki and Dorian moments?

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