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Perkie's Observations: Peter Conspires Against Shiloh on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Wes Ramsey, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Kim opens the door to find Liz, who hears Franco make plans to leave town with Kim. Liz is surprised, but Franco says he's not her husband anymore. After he leaves, Liz realizes that Kim and Franco had sex.

Kim says Franco doesn't remember his past. He is Drew now and he remembers her. Liz gets angry and smacks Kim across the face. Liz says Kim is delusional and there is no excuse for sleeping with a married man. Kim says again that Franco is gone and the man who is left is now Drew. Liz says Franco is not in his right mind and she's planning on having the procedure reversed. Kim says there are no memories to re-implant into Franco and the science is untested and unknown. 

Kim believes Franco has the right to choose what he wants, and he wants her and not his old life with Liz. Liz brings up Julian and how he's changed his life for Kim. Liz says Kim destroyed everything for someone who isn't Drew. 

Joss complains to Cameron how she doesn't want to leave Oscar behind. (Oy vey show, make it stop.) Cameron tells Joss he's upset that Franco is gone since he saved his life. 

Lulu tells Maxie about her afternoon delight with Dustin, including Laura walking in on them. Lulu thinks it's karma paying her back for sleeping with Dustin so soon after her divorce. Maxie reminds Lulu she and Dustin are single, consenting adults, but also points out this is a rebound only. 

Jason shows Sonny the drawing of the man Andre says attacked him, but neither of them recognize him. Jason gets a call from Shiloh, telling him there will be an article about him in the Invader tomorrow. Shiloh makes a point of saying Peter was involved. After the call, Sonny wonders what Peter's connection is to Shiloh. 

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Andre's attacker meets with Peter, who is angry that Andre is still alive. Peter says he'll finish the job himself and for the guy to leave town.

Sonny mentions to Jason he wants to adopt Dev, but Carly has concerns. Jason points out their baby is high risk and will need all their time and energy. The two head over to Maxie's table to talk about Peter. Maxie says Peter's a good guy now. Jason mentions the call from Shiloh, who seemed to be pointing fingers at Peter. Maxie's surprised there may be a connection between Shiloh and Peter. 

Shiloh summons Peter and tells him he put Jason on his radar. Shiloh tells Peter to get him out of jail. Peter says if Shiloh spills any beans, he'll be implicating himself as well. Shiloh says he won't beat these charges, so he's not concerned. Peter agrees to help Shiloh escape. 

Franco runs into Cameron and tells him he's leaving Port Charles. Cameron tries one more time and says Franco traded his life for his, and he owes Franco a lot. 

Peter goes back to Andre's attacker and offers him more money to take care of Shiloh. 

Liz calls Scott to tell him Franco plans on leaving town tonight and they need to put their plan in motion. 

Kim meets Franco on the docks, ready to leave with him. Two orderlies show up and grab Franco. Kim calls 911. Liz tells her to stop because she has no other choice but to do this.