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Perkie's Observations: Cassandra Rules Her Empire From a Tiny Room on General Hospital

Jessica Tuck

Jessica Tuck

Today, the role of Perkie will be played by Mike:

Nina's worried she will go to prison. Valentin reminds her that Cassandra's in police custody and can't do anything. Valentin tells her to trust him and let him worry about Cassandra.

Cassandra demands to see the ambassador from Monaco, but Jordan tells her there ain't no such thang in Port Charles. Sonny pops into the room and asks if he can step in.

Maxie is sharing coffee with Jason. She asks if Sam's nervous, but Jason tells her she's looking forward to testifying against Shiloh. Maxie thinks it will be easier for her since she wasn't conned like Kristina and Willow.

Peter's assassin shows up on the docks. He wants more money up front to take care of Andre and Shiloh. Peter encourages him to do the job because it will be worth it for him. The man promises to come through.

Chase talks to Willow about her feelings. Just then, Shiloh comes into the courtroom under guard. He tells Willow he never hurt her and promises they will be together again. Shiloh warns her Wiley will know his real father.

At Metro Court, Alexis advises Kristina to be less hostile so it doesn't look like she has a vendetta. Kristina tells Alexis she wants to go back to Dr. Byrne. Alexis comes clean that they're dating. Kristina says she needs time to get used to it.

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Spinelli pops into Kelly's. When Crimson comes up, Maxie claims she is happy handing the reins back to Nina. She leaves Spinelli and Jason alone. Jason wants him to research Peter to find out why he's involved with Shiloh.

Sasha worries she will go to prison for lying. Michael reassures her and she is grateful he is standing by her. Michael claims it was an error in judgment and they will get her a lawyer. Sasha stresses out about how many people will hate her, including Maxie. Michael tells her Maxie has lied before and found a way to rise up.

When they are alone, Sonny tells Cassandra she made a mistake targeting Sasha and Michael. He warns her to watch her back. She's not afraid and tells him the same thing. She tells Sonny that their colleagues think he's outgrown his place. When Jordan and Valentin come in, Sonny leaves.

Cassandra tells Valentin it's unlikely the police will follow up on Nina drugging her nor believe what she has to say. She realizes Valentin hasn't filled Nina on that revelation. Cassandra reminds him the world thinks Claudette is dead, but they know she's very much alive. Valentin counters she should have kept better track of her since she came out of her coma because she's since flown the coop. He tells her to rot somewhere and leaves.

Spinelli is concerned about getting dirt on Peter when he's so closely linked to Maxie and her family. Jason doesn't care. He wants the dirt.

The lawyers give their opening arguments. Willow is the first up and takes the stand, then Harmony, Kristina, and Sam. The four tell their stories about Shiloh. The defense shreds their testimonies in no time flat.

Alexis shows up to meet with Cassandra. She tells Cassandra the WSB is extraditing her to the International Court in The Hague. She wants Alexis to fight it, but Alexis agrees to delay it. When she leaves, Cassandra calls someone and threatens to give them up if she doesn't get help from them. Later, Alexis gets an electronic transfer of $10,000  from Cassandra's defense fund.

Laura visits Cassandra in hopes of getting information on Valentin. Cassandra claims she was bluffing.

The prosecution rests (!!) and the defense calls big Shiloh to the stand.