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Perkie's Observations: A Guard Gets to Bobbie on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Jackie Zeman, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Shiloh takes the stand and his lawyer questions his involvement in Dawn of Day. Shiloh makes it out to be a community outreach organization for the lost and misguided. Shiloh testifies he was helping Kristina blossom, while Sam had a grudge against him.

Shiloh testifies that Sam conspired with Jason to try and kill him. The ADA questions Shiloh about the initiation and sex with his followers. Shiloh claims he hasn't kept track of the women he was with.

The trial ends for the day. Shiloh is escorted back to Pentonville. Peter's guy goes along with the entourage. Jason tells Spinelli to find the connection between Shiloh and Peter. 

Sonny comes across Dev and Joss doing homework at Kelly's. He's happy to see that Joss is actually attending school so Carly doesn't have to worry anymore. Joss promises she won't ditch again.

After Sonny leaves, Joss senses something's up with Dev. He claims he has issues at the warehouse. He then apologizes to Joss for being a jerk to her when he first moved in. Joss promises he's not getting in the way. After Joss leaves, Dev looks up ways to get to Montreal.

When Peter interrupts Maxie and Lulu's lunch, Lulu asks to be put back on the crime beat. Peter doesn't want her to go vigilante anymore. Maxie worries that Lulu will be too busy to have time for Dustin. Peter promises to talk to Lulu's editor.

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Peter mentions Maxie running her own magazine, which catches Lulu by surprise. Maxie says she's happy at Crimson and wouldn't leave. After Peter leaves, Lulu pushes her. Maxie admits she's thought of an online site that would be about lifestyle and fashion. Maxie says she's not qualified. Lulu feels she has the talent, drive and commitment to make it work. Maxie says she's had rocky year and is just getting settled.

Carly's looking into a boarding school for Dev. Bobbie stops by to discuss her birth plan and is surprised to hear that Carly is already booked for a c-section. Carly is about to tell her mother about the problems with the baby. When Sonny arrives, she backs off.

After Bobbie leaves, Carly tells Sonny about the boarding school, but he says he never agreed to send Dev away. Carly says she doesn't want Joss to have to continue to lie. Sonny suggests that she move in with Jax. Carly refuses saying they won't keep Dev at Joss' expense. She says she won't uproot Joss. She points out that Avery would miss her. (Uhm Carly realizes that Jax lives across town and not back in Australia, right?)

Sonny refuses to hang Dev out to dry. Carly says it would give him a chance to create the life that he wants and be free. Carly says her goal is to support Joss and let her decide what's right for her. Later, Joss gets home and finds the boarding school brochures.

Spinelli overhears part of Peter's angry phone call to his guy. The two make awkward small talk about dinner with Maxie. When Peter leaves, Spinelli calls someone to trace the call that Peter made.

Robert admits to Sam that things didn't go well with their side, but is hopeful the jury saw through Shiloh's testimony. Robert warns Jason he wants this done legally and if something happens to Shiloh, he'll be looking at Jason.

Chase gets a call that the prison van never made it back to Pentonville and Shiloh is gone.

Shiloh, disguised as a prison guard, stops Bobbie's car.