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WATCH: Ana Navarro Causes Meghan McCain to Storm Off Stage On The View

Ana Navarro, Meghan McCain, The View

Ana Navarro, Meghan McCain

It is never a dull moment over at The View. The women sans Whoopi Goldberg were discussing the recent events of a whistleblower filing a complaint against President Donald Trump. The discussion took a dark turn when McCain, the daughter of the late Republican Arizona Senator John McCain, started comparing it to the WikiLeakes scandal involving Julian Assange

McCain claimed,

There's a lot of liberals who are OK with Julian Assange releasing Hillary [Clinton]’s emails... And now at the same time, those same people are screaming bloody murder about this whistleblower.

McCain further stated that "all interference from a foreign country... is bad" and "you can’t play party politics with this." 

Co-host Joy Behar interrupted McCain to inquire about who she meant and things really got spicy then. 

McCain yelled,

Excuse me! I'm still speaking.

Ana Navarro, who was stepping in for Goldberg, agreed with McCain and stated, 

I'm with you. I have a problem with both... They'd like for it to go away... the administration, the people who are actually impacted by this.

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McCain screamed back at Navarro and retorted,

All Americans are impacted by this!

Behar tried squash some of the chaotic shouting by saying, "she's talking" regarding Navarro but that only made McCain roll her eyes and get more agitated.

Panelist Sunny Hostin attempted steer the conversation back by asking McCain to clear up her stance when Behar and Abby Huntsman both started to speak at the same time. This angered McCain even further causing her to scream out,

Excuse me! Maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it.

Navarro fired back and told McCain,

I'm two feet away, I don't need you to scream at me this way.

An upset McCain then told Navarro,

You know what? That's so rude, Ana. Welcome back.

Moments later the show cut to commercial but not before a cameraman caught McCain storming off the stage while the audience members sat shocked by the entire dust up. 

Watch the entire thing go down below. Please note: The video was taken by a viewer and their tweet has nothing to do with Daytime Confidential.