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Perkie's Observations: Shiloh Dumps Bobbie For a Younger Model on General Hospital

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Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Shiloh insists Bobbie get out of the car. Only then does she recognize who he is. Shiloh spots Wiley in the backseat and takes the car leaving Bobbie stranded on the side of the road. Bobbie passes out.

Franco's being held at the hospital and he's angry with Liz for keeping him from Kim. Scott tells him that as Franco's spouse, Liz can file for guardianship and make medical decisions. Franco is angry that Liz is agreeing to a risky procedure.

Liz says Franco would take the chance with the procedure and she won't stop fighting for him, and them. 

Jason and Sam believe Shiloh had help escaping. Chase gets a call that one of the guards was found and taken to the hospital. Jason decides to head to the area where the van was found.

Julian's ready to leave for Manhattan tonight. He lays it on thick to Kim that he's a changed man because of her. He spots the letter and thinks it's a love letter, but Kim admits her past came back last night. Julian realizes she means Franco and realizes what they had was more than a kiss. Kim says she didn't mean for it to happen. She explains Franco feels familiar to her, like reconnecting with Oscar's father. Julian realizes it's always been about Drew and dumps her crazy self. 

Carly and Sonny head to the hospital for another ultrasound. When she's alone with Sonny, Epiphany tells him she knows what they're facing with the baby, and that all baby's are perfect in God's eyes. When Carly's finished, she tells Sonny that the baby's condition is unchanged.

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Joss shows Jax the brochure and tells him that CarSon want to send her away. Jax is certain she's mistaken. Joss wants to move in with Jax, though he reminds her he's still staying at the hotel. Joss says she'll stay with him for the night. Jax tells CarSon that Joss is staying with him for the night because she thinks they want her gone. 

Peter pumps Finn for information about Andre and the memory reversal. Finn says there's only a one in four chance that Franco will return to normal. He says another option would be that Drew's memories would be clearer. 

Chase interrogates the guard, who tells him that the other guard was a fake. The fake guard is the one who released Shiloh.

Jason finds Bobbie on the side of the road and takes her to the hospital. Bobbie tells Jason about Shiloh stealing the car. Lucas shows up and asks about Wiley. Bobbie tells them that Shiloh has him.

Dev hangs out at the Haunted Star, waiting to head out of town in the morning. Shiloh and Wiley show up. Dev calls Jason, but reaches Sam. He's knocked out before he can give her the full message.

Shiloh calls Peter. He tells Peter that his minion didn't kill him and he wants a bunch of cash to keep quiet. 

Sam heads to the Star and finds Dev unconscious with a gun-toting Shiloh standing over him. (Memo to Lulu, now is the time to put locks on the doors of The Star.) Sam pleads with him to leave, but he says she's going to help him. He shows her that he has Wiley.