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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Finds a Cash Withdrawal on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Shiloh's plan is to take The Haunted Star and head up to Canada (Why? Why do PC bad guys always want to come up here?!! Also, didn't Lulu tell Laura that The Star was closed for repairs? Can it even float to Canada?)

Sam begs him to let Wiley and Dev go, and to keep her as a hostage. She says she can drive the boat and warns him he doesn't want Wiley in the middle of a police situation.

Bobbie gives Jason the timeline and begs him to find Wiley. Jason tries to reach Sam, but when he can't, he calls Spinelli to find out where she last used the phone.

Peter gets a stack of money ready to hand over to Shiloh. Maxie talks to Spinelli about having Georgie come out for some time to get to know Peter better. Spinelli's not thrilled with the idea, and while Maxie understands that it's because of what Peter did to Jason, she swears that Peter has changed. Maxie says she sees a future with Peter and wants them all to get along. Spinelli begrudgingly agrees to bring Georgie out.

Joss tells Kristina about boarding school. Kristina says it might not be a terrible idea for Joss to reinvent herself and not be reminded of Oscar. Kristina feels it might be good for Joss to focus on herself. 

Jax confronts CarSon about boarding school, but both claim it was for Dev and not Joss. Joss shows up and admits she overreacted about the school, but is surprised to hear that it was for Dev. Joss says Dev loves it here and sending him away is not the solution. Joss says going to the boarding school might not be such a bad idea for her. 

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Brad is present when Chase tells Willow that Shiloh has escaped. Lucas shows up and tells them that Shiloh has Wiley. Chase gets a call that the FBI and all other local police departments are looking for them.

Willow admits Shiloh would never hurt Wiley, but worries he'll disappear with the baby. Chase promises he won't let Shiloh win.

Lucas comforts Brad, who claims he put this whole thing into motion. Lucas thinks Brad's talking about bringing Shiloh into their lives with the DOD classes, and reassures him.

Joss changes her mind and decides to stay at home. Carly says Joss always comes first and understands her grieving process. Joss says she feels like she's lost who she used to be.

Sonny and Jax have another measuring contest. Of course Jax has the biggest one, as we all knew he would! They come to the decision that it's in Joss' best interest to play nice. Joss tells them that Dev and his things are gone. 

Maxie inadvertently delays Peter from bringing the money to Shiloh. She's thrilled that Spinelli is allowing Georgie time with them. Maxie says she's ready for a future with Peter. He declares his love for her and leaves. Maxie finds the receipt for a $35,000 bank transaction.

Sam convinces Shiloh to release Dev and Wiley, but to keep her. (No way on this planet do I believe Shiloh would give up Wiley. He's been all about that baby for months.) Shiloh believes Sam will simply take the boat to the authorities and admits he can pilot the boat himself.

Jason gets to the pier as Dev is leaving with Wiley. Peter gets there with the money, as Jason prepares to get on the boat.