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Perkie's Observations: Jason Does What He Does Best on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco, Coby Ryan McLaughlin

Jason tells Dev to take the baby to the hospital because he's going to get Sam. Dev spots Peter and asks for a ride. (None of them think to call ahead and give everyone who's worried a heads up.) 

Chase updates Laura. Willow joins Brad in the chapel to pray for Wiley's safe return. Bobbie blames herself, but Lucas disagrees with his mother. Willow suggests to Chase he can use her as bait to lure Shiloh out.

Shiloh and Sam argue back and forth about who is the bigger con artist. She brings up his father and how he was disappointed in and didn't want him anywhere near his fortune. Shiloh's comeback is that he's the one who killed dear old dad and will finish off Sam.

Jax thinks Sonny should call the police and tell them Dev ran away. Sonny refuses. Jax wonders once again what Sonny is hiding. Sonny denies, denies, denies and claims Dev is a friend to Joss. Jax counters that Joss is still dealing with grief and is emotionally exposed

Liz tells Cameron Franco is committed because he's incapacitated and needs treatment. Cameron worries the procedure will make things worse and he'll lose Franco all over again. Cameron talks to Laura about it. Laura agrees it's the best thing for Franco. Laura finds Liz and tells her Cameron is worried. Liz wonders if she's gone too far, but Laura believes Franco will get the help he needs.

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Aiden finds his way into Franco's room to give him a candy bar. Franco admits he has no memory of the boy. Liz finds him there and sends him off with Cameron. Franco accuses Liz of sending Aiden in, but she swears it was all Aiden. Liz says she hopes Franco understands what she's fighting for. 

Everyone is shocked when Dev saunters into the hospital with Wiley. Willow takes him, followed by Brad and Lucas. (Clearly the easy going baby was used for these scenes because that kid was being passed from person to person and not saying boo!)

Laura questions Peter why he happened to be on the pier. Dev and Joss head back to the house where Joss sings Dev's praises. Sonny tells Dev he's proud of him. Dev worries he's causing trouble for them and should leave, but Sonny tells him to stay.

Jax tells Joss he's worried about her living full time in a house with Dev since they don't know anything about him.

Shiloh and Sam fight. He knocks her down and starts to unbutton his belt. Jason shoots him. Shiloh falls, but the two numbskulls don't bother to check if he's dead or alive. Sam heads out to turn the boat around.

Shiloh attacks Jason with a bat.