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Perkie's Observations: Ava Opens Up to Neil on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Shiloh and Jason fight and Shiloh gets the upper hand. Before Shiloh can hit Jason, Sam shoots Shiloh in the back with the flare gun. Shiloh falls into the water. 

Julian tells Ava that he and Kim are finished. Ava's happy that he's staying in town. Ava runs into Nina and complains about the Crimson article. Nina reminds her that Ava agreed to the article. Valentin steps in and Ava accuses him again of killing Nikolas. He storms off. 

Curtis updates Hayden on the search for the codicil. He mentions that Laura is working with him. Hayden's not happy, but Curtis points out that Laura knows Helena best. Laura shows up for an update.

Hayden assumes Laura knows everything and mentions the codicil, but Laura is surprised to hear about it. Hayden says Spencer deserves what's rightfully his. Laura counters that he might be better off without it. Hayden doesn't believe Valentin deserves to have it. Laura tells them to leave Spencer out of it from now on.

Maxie finds Peter at the hospital and asks why he was on the docks. Peter claims he was looking into real estate. Maxie mentions the bank slip she found. Peter says it was for a down payment. He's been looking for something for all of them for a while.

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Sasha worries about not telling Nina the truth. Michael says they need to wait until after Cassandra's trial. The two meet up with Nina and Valentin to discuss the wedding. 

Alexis and Neil chat about their previous date and make plans for another one. Ava arrives for her appointment with Neil and tells Alexis that Julian needs a friend. Alexis says Julian's not her concern anymore.

Ava talks to Neil about Nina getting under her skin and brings up Valentin killing Nikolas. Neil pushes the Nikolas issue. Ava says he was the first in a long list of losses. Ava says Nikolas was the only one who saw the real her and is constantly in pain. (Why do I feel like this was a chem test and we're on our way to a Julian/Alexis/Neil/Ava quad.)

Alexis heads to the bar to check up on Julian. She can't believe that Kim slept with Franco and thinks maybe they can find their way back. Julian says he's in the shadow of Kim's great love.

Sam is taken to the hospital to get her arm treated. Willow runs into them and is thankful for what Sam did to save Wiley.

A body that was fished out of the water is brought in. Chase needs someone to do the official ID, so Willow offers. The body bag is opened and is identified as Shiloh.