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Perkie's Observations: Liz Moves Forward Despite Franco's Wishes on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Jason and Sam give their statements to Jordan with Diane present. Diane says it was self defense and Jordan agrees. Dev is brought in for his statement. Jordan questions why he was on The Haunted Star in the first place. Dev's not sure how to answer so Diane claims Sonny wanted him to check out Lulu's construction. 

Joss apologizes to Carly for how she's been behaving. She wants Dev to stay, claiming he's not the problem. Carly understands there are reminders of Oscar everywhere and promises her things will get better. 

Dustin comes across Lulu and Laura, which makes for an awkward moment. Lulu admits to Laura she doesn't know how she feels about Dustin, but that he's good with the kids.

Franco's angry with Liz because she's taking a risk on the procedure. He says he won't volunteer and she can't force him. Liz says he's legally married to her and not competent to make decisions. Liz says Franco would want to fight for them and that's what she's going to do.

Sam shows up and tells Liz not to go ahead with the procedure. She mentions Jason's brain tumor and how she had to let him make the choice to do the surgery. Liz says Sam's not helping and to leave.

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Olivia's angry with Julian for stopping the sale of the pub. He says he's changed his mind and staying in town, and there's nothing she can do about it. 

As Olivia's leaving, she overhears Laura and Lulu's conversation about sleeping with Dustin. Olivia confronts Lulu, who says Dustin is just a friend and she won't apologize. Laura defends Lulu's choices and says Dante was the one who filed for divorce.

Olivia says Dante will get better and come back. She says she's speaking on his behalf and doesn't want Lulu's new friendship to affect Rocco negatively. Lulu wonders if Laura agrees with her. Laura says Dustin is a nice guy, but wants Lulu to protect her heart. 

Dustin takes his students to the park for an outdoor class to discuss a book. Joss gets upset and runs off to Oscar's rock. Dustin finds her there. She talks about her loss and how she doesn't know what to do.

Dustin asks if she's talked to anyone. (Yes Dustin, she's talked and talked and talked until we all want her to shut up about Oscar, for the love of Pete.) He suggests she write her thoughts in a journal. (I agree with this. Unless she's planning on reading the journal out loud. Because, I can't with that.)

Jason checks on Carly. She suddenly goes into labor and is taken to the hospital. Carly's worried that it's too soon to give birth. Sonny shows up.

The nurse (likely a former DOD member) overhears Sam's conversation about Shiloh. The nurse heads to the station to talk to Jordan. Jordan calls Sam to come back for more questions.