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Tom Casiello Remembers Hogan Sheffer

Tom Casiello

Former soap opera scribe Tom Casiello reacted to the news of Hogan Sheffer's passing with a touching tribute on Facebook

Hogan stormed into my life in early 2000 when he was brought on to atwt with a trial deal as a breakdown writer. The guy had never written a day of soap opera in his life. Nobody had high expectations. And this ENORMOUS ogre who barely fit in the studio hallway, well over six feet and with a huge Afro and coke bottle glasses waddled into our lives. He was a total train wreck...but man, was he funny. He said all the things that you wish you could say, and got away with each and every one of them somehow. To say “he made us laugh” was the understatement of the decade. So maybe this guy forced on us by the network wouldn’t be so bad after all.

10 weeks later, he became our new head writer. I think he had written three breakdowns in that time. That’s it. Three breakdowns. And now he was in charge.

I remember calling him that night with only one favor: if he was going to fire me to bring in his own assistant, just do it quick. I won’t be offended or take it personally.

He replied with a hearty laugh. “Fire you?! Young Tom, i can’t do this without you!” (It was always young Tom, or Tommy) “I’m promoting you!”

And thus began my love affair with Hogan Sheffer.

Casiello worked for Hogan Sheffer at As the World Turns from 2000-2003. He worked with him again at Days of Our Lives in 2007. Later, he would spend 2009-2011 working with Sheffer at The Young and the Restless

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