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Perkie's Observations: The Corinthi Welcome a Baby Girl on General Hospital

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Carly is taken into surgery to deliver the baby, a girl. She and Sonny have some bonding time with baby Donna before she's taken to her own surgery. Jason tells Michael about the baby's condition, but the baby is getting the best possible care. 

Alexis and Kristina discuss Shiloh's death. Kristina is happy that she had a chance to face him down in court. She's also happy that Shiloh no longer controls her. Alexis' trainer Kendra shows up and Kristina wonders if they've met before. Kendra claims she just has a familiar face. 

Willow pays Harmony a visit in jail to let her know that Shiloh died. Harmony is upset, though she says he got what he deserved. Willow says they're all safe now, including Wiley.

Nelle's out in the park on work release and runs into Joss. Nelle kisses up to Joss, who's not having any of it. Nelle says she forgives Joss. She mentions Oscar, which makes Joss angry. Nelle claims she'll be released soon and they'll run across each other again.

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Nelle meets with a new lawyer, asking if he'll take her case before her parole hearing. (Uhm, she's been in prison for a hot minute, how is she already up for parole?) Mr. Gray says the evidence against her is pretty bad. 

Nelle claims her hormones were out of whack and she's struggled her whole life. She lays it on thick about her baby dying and she feels she's paid her debt. Nelle says she's been a model prisoner and Mr. Gray admits the warden has sung her praises. He agrees to take Nelle's case. As Nelle is heading back to her cell, she runs into a tearful Harmony. Nelle is thrilled to hear that Shiloh is dead.

Joss and Kristina get to the hospital and Michael explains to them about the baby's condition. Sonny comes out to tell them the baby was born, but in surgery. They go in to see Carly, who tells them she had a girl and named her Donna. Sonny explains the significance of the name. She was a wonderful friend from the old neighborhood.

Kendra tells Alexis about this great protein shake that she believes will work wonders. While Alexis is doing research about the product, Kendra looks at a photo of herself and Kiefer taken in 2005. (Money to everyone, including myself (!) who predicted she was Kiefer's sister, who is out for revenge.)

Jordan calls Sam back to the station to tell her a nurse came forward with new information. Sam calls Jason, who heads over with Diane. Jordan reads the nurse's statement of what she overheard. Jordan asks if Sam shot to defend Jason or to kill Shiloh.

Jordan says Sam knew Jason could defend himself therefore is no longer self defense. Diane says it's hearsay and won't stand up in court. Jordan places Sam under arrest for murder.