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Perkie's Observations: Sam Finds Herself In Hot Water on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Diane says the tape is hearsay, but Jordan plays the tape. Sam declares her hatred for Shiloh and how she wants him dead. Jordan heads out to send the tape to forensics for authentication.

Sam swears she never said that and the tape must be edited or cloned. Later, Sam wonders if maybe she did say what's on the tape and just doesn't remember. Jason promises to prove the recording is fake.

Jax feels Nina has been avoiding him. She reminds Jax he's trying to undermine Valentin. Jax points out that Valentin tried to drug him at his dinner party, but Nina denies it. Jax wants a truce, so Nina invites him to the wedding and he accepts.

Laura tells Curtis she spoke with Spencer and he denied being involved with the search for the codicil.

Liz stops by to talk to Julian about Kim. Julian says they aren't together anymore. Liz says Kim is sick, confused and obsessed with Franco. Julian admits any connection to Oscar is more important to Kim. Liz wants Julian's help in getting Kim to back off, but Julian says he can't help. Liz insists he should and says she can't leave Franco like that.

Kim pays Franco a visit at Shadybrook. The two declare their love for each other and their anger over what Liz has done. Kim promises to find him a lawyer and to be by his side.

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Finn runs into Hayden and Aiden at the park. The two make small talk. After he leaves, Hayden thinks about telling him about their daughter. Liz finds her woolgathering. Liz admits that she's worried about losing Franco. Hayden reassures her that she's not alone. 

Valentin runs into Laura and Curtis. Laura tells Valentin that Cassandra isn't being extradited, but will stand trial in Port Charles. She wonders if Cassandra will spill secrets on the stand. Valentin claims Cassandra means nothing to him.

Valentin brings up the wedding, which is "tomorrow" and how Charlotte will spend the night with Laura. Laura says Charlotte wants to spend the night at Wyndemere so she can be there for Nina first thing in the morning. Valentin agrees to let Laura and Kevin (who apparently has been locked in a closet somewhere for the past 3 months) spend the night at Wyndemere with Charlotte. After he leaves, Laura admits to Curtis she'll use the time to look for the codicil.

Curtis reminds her they are a team and need to do this together. Laura is surprised when Jax shows up and questions why he's interested in the codicil. Jax claims Valentin has increased the value of the Cassadine holdings and he's interested, but Valentin won't sell.

Kim runs into Terry (who apparently has been locked in the same closet as Kevin). Kim says Franco is gone, Drew is here and Liz needs to accept it. She wants Terry's help in getting Liz to understand this. Terry feels Liz isn't the one who needs to accept things. Kim says she's not crazy and Drew is real.

Terry heads to Shadybrook to talk to Franco. She says Kim is fragile and at her limit. She worries that Kim will lose herself completely. Franco says Terry doesn't know what it's like to be in the wrong body. He says Kim accepts him for who he is. Terry says Kim needs to move forward to survive and if Franco truly loves her, he needs to set her free.

Kim stops by the pub to give Julian some of his things. He tells her he won't be moving. Kim claims she can't stop these feelings she has for Drew. 

Diane tells Jordan that Sam would need to give permission to be taped. Jordan counters that Daisy is the other person on it and she gave consent. Jordan gets the forensic results and tells them it was not tampered with. Sam is taken into custody.