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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Gives Sasha Some Tough Love on General Hospital

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Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Sofia Mattsson

Lulu and Kevin are surprised when Laura tells them she'll be babysitting Charlotte at Wyndemere rather than at her own place. Laura claims it's because Charlotte wants to be involved in all the wedding preparations first thing in the morning.

After Lulu leaves, Laura tells Kevin the real reason is she wants to search Wyndemere  for the codicil. 

Maxie tells Peter she wants them to search for living arrangements together

Curtis, Michael and Finn complain about being roped into Valentin's bachelor party by Peter, despite their dislike of him. Valentin thanks them for helping him celebrate. The group plan on golfing (at night??), but a sudden storm sends them back to the Rib.

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Liesl, Sasha and Lulu join Nina and Maxie at the local spa for the bachelorette party. However, the spa accidentally double booked them. Nina confronts the other couple, only to find it's Willow and Chase. Nina and Willow go a couple of rounds before Maxie breaks them up. The ladies leave the spa, but their car breaks down and they also end up at the Rib.

At Wyndemere, Charlotte mentions spending time in the trophy room. She chats about how Valentin removed the scary painting of Helena. The painting is now in the living room. Laura tells Kevin that Helena left it to Nikolas in her will and claimed it had to do with unfinished business. Kevin wonders if the painting has something to do with what they're looking for.

Valentin questions Michael about his break up with Sasha and how they got back together. Michael says it's none of his business. Valentin has already figured out that Michael knows the truth about Sasha and warns that no one should disturb Nina's happiness at any cost. Michael throws his own warning about his family.

Sasha complains to Michael about the guilt she feels about letting Nina marry Valentin without knowing the truth. Sasha knows she can't say anything until after Cassandra's trial so she can be a credible witness. (Really? That's the reason she's not spilling the beans? Bit of a stretch!) Meanwhile, Valentin sings a karaoke song to Nina.

Liesl finds Sasha crying in the washroom and tells her to knock it off. Liesl says Nina's happiness is the most important thing. She tells Sasha that Nina can never find out Sasha's not her daughter. The camera pans back to show Lulu, in the stall, shocked.