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Perkie's Observations: Hayden Gives Finn Some False Facts on General Hospital

Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton

Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton

Kevin tells Laura the painting is proof the codicil exists. He notices Helena's necklace and how it resembles the Corona Verum constellation. Laura finds out the constellation is over Spoon Island. Kevin points out the island is huge and it will be hard to find the codicil.

Lulu eavesdrops while Liesl reminds Sasha they're in too deep. Sasha agrees that her priority is Nina's happiness. Liesl tells Sasha to be the daughter Nina needs her to be.

Finn overhears Hayden talking to her "honey bun" on the phone. She claims she has a dog with separation anxiety. Later, Finn bumps into Jax and mentions Hayden's dog. Jax says Hayden never mentioned a dog since their relationship is strictly business. Jax then questions Hayden on why she hasn't told Finn about his daughter. Hayden says if Finn had gone to Rome to meet her, she would have told him. She says Finn can never know the truth.

Ava stops by the bar for a drink. She complains to Michael that Sonny ignores her calls about Avery. Michael says Sonny has been busy with Donna's birth. Michael tells Ava she needs to be sober to pick up Avery in the morning. 

Jason sits with Carly while Sonny checks on Donna's surgery. Carly admits she's scared, but Jason reassures her the baby will be fine. He gives Carly an Africa book as he did when Michael was born.

Jason tells Carly about Sam's arrest, but he believes it's a frame job from a former DOD member. He says Sam's going to be arraigned tomorrow. Sonny returns and tells them the baby came through the surgery without complications. 

Lulu comes out of the washroom ready to confront Valentin and to tell Nina the truth, but changes her mind. Dustin shows up and Lulu complains and tells him what she overheard. Lulu decides she won't say anything. 

Hayden finds Ava crying in the bathroom. The two discuss Nikolas and Finn. Hayden claims she's done with Finn, then snarks on Ava about giving up on life. Ava breaks a glass and cuts her hand.

Finn bandages Ava's hand. She tells him that Hayden isn't over him.
Nina gives Liesl and Sasha gifts. Sasha's gift is the other half of the necklace that Nina had made for her.