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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Finds Herself In a Conundrum on General Hospital

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Lulu Spencer, General Hospital

Mark Lawson, Emme Rylan

You're cordially invited to the wedding of Nina "My daughter, my daughter" Reeves and Valentin "I have no friends" Cassadine. Nina and the women get ready for her wedding. She shows them the necklace Valentin gave her. Maxie thinks it's bad luck that Valentin gave Nina the necklace the night before. Nina is certain nothing will go wrong today.

Diane complains about Sam's treatment to Jordan. Jordan reminds her there were three people on the boat, one of whom is dead and the others with criminal pasts .Sam shows up with Jason who posted her bail.

Diane asks Sam if there is anything she forgot from the night on the boat. Sam says she believes Shiloh had an accomplice. She says he was waiting for something and Dev might know more.

Jax and Joss visit Carly in the hospital. Joss gives her a card from Dev, which has a lovely quote inside. Jax points out it's a Turkish quote.

Mike's having a good day and pays Sonny a visit. The two talk about Gladys. Sonny isn't happy to hear she and Mike have been getting closer. The two head to the hospital to visit Carly and the baby. Sonny shows Mike the baby. Carly tells Mike that they want to honor Courtney and it will Donna's middle name.

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Valentin and Peter get to the church where Lulu is waiting to confront him. Valentin says he wants Nina to be happy today. Lulu changes her mind and doesn't say anything.

Dustin wonders why Lulu didn't say anything. Lulu says she needs to make sure she's telling for the right reason and not because of her hatred for Valentin. Lulu feels she needs to tell Nina because being honest is the right thing to do.

Peter and Valentin share a bonding moment about overcoming their dark pasts to get to this moment with the women they love.

Curtis stops by to talk to Nina before the wedding. She doesn't want to hear it if he's going to trash talk Valentin. Curtis says he did what Valentin wanted when he found Sasha for Nina.

Jax and Joss run into Dev. Jax mentions the Turkish quote in Carly's card. Dev claims he found it online. After Dev leaves, Jax pushes Joss, who admits Dev is not Sonny's cousin. Joss says she likes Dev and he provides a distraction for her.

Jason finds Dev and asks about the night on The Star. Dev explains what happened and how Shiloh was waiting for someone with money. Dev talks about getting a ride to the hospital with Peter. He tells Jason that Peter had a gym bag with him and acted nervous.

Lulu waits for Nina to get to the church. (Okay, who's going to stop the wedding? Sasha or Lulu with the maternity secret or Jason regarding the Peter/Shiloh connection?)