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Mishael Morgan Dishes on Her The Young and the Restless Return

Mishael Morgan

When she exited The Young and the Restless as powerhouse Hilary Curtis Hamilton in 2018, Mishael Morgan was immediately missed on-screen. But thankfully, she's now back on our TV sets, this time as a legal eagle - and Hilary lookalike - named Amanda Sinclair. Mishael told all to Soap Opera Digest in an October 7 interview.

When rumors first floated about that she might return as Hilary, Morgan admitted she was stumped: 

"I don’t know if they were really serious, but as they kept joking about it a couple more times I was like, 'I think they might actually be serious about me coming back.' But it just wasn’t something that I thought would ever really happen."

Once Morgan made a guest appearance - or two - as Hilary's ghostly-but-gorgeous self, Y&R decided to ask her back full-time. Morgan said she wasn't initially eager to reprise Hilary's role:

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"...For sure I could have gone on for 20 years playing Hilary, but it did feel like she had a nice full-circle story. She found herself, she found the love of her life and it felt like a good time to leave."

But head writer Josh Griffith and executive producer Tony Morina pitched Morgan's return as a new character. 

Once Mishael sank her teeth into her new role - Amanda Sinclair, a savvy lawyer who would lock horns with Hilary's soulmate, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) - she was in.

"But now when they brought up me coming back as an attorney, I was like, 'Oh, this is my dream come true,' because I wanted to be a lawyer in real life, but I gave up being a lawyer to be an actor." 

Check out the full interview in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digeston stands now.