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Perkie's Observations: Jax Worries About Dev Around Joss on General Hospital

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Jasper Jacks, General Hospital

Ingo Rademacher, Eden McCoy

Lulu wants to speak with Nina, but Nina's not interested. Both Liesl and Maxie try to convince Lulu to wait until after the ceremony, though Lulu insists. Charlotte wonders why her mother is upsetting everyone, so Lulu decides to hold her tongue.

Carly's worried about the baby, but Sonny reassures her that Donna has the best resources at her disposal and will live a normal life. (Hey, did you know the baby's name is Donna? No really, it's Donna. I know this because I heard the name Donna mentioned 17 times today. So it must be Donna.) 

Joss explains to Jax how Dev helped rescue Dante and Sonny took him in when things got too dangerous for him. Joss swears she wanted to help and doesn't want Jax to send Dev away. Jax says it's his job to look out for Joss and do what's best for her. 

Based on Dev's information, Sam and Jason decide Peter was working with Shiloh and find Spinelli to help figure out how. Spinelli says he overheard Peter on the phone the day that Shiloh broke out and traces the call to a burner phone.

Spin pulls up Peter's bank statements and sees that he withdrew $35,000 the day of the escape. Sam says Peter helped facilitate Shiloh's escape and this will break Maxie's heart. Jason says they need proof before they can do anything else. 

Carly gets worried and asks Bobbie to check on the baby (who's name is Donna, in case anyone hadn't heard). Bobbie says the baby is fine and questions why Carly didn't tell her about her issues.

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Carly says her mother was dealing with her own medical problems. Carly's worried she won't be able to help the baby (Donna) get through her challenges. Bobbie reassures her. Bobbie gives Carly a gift for the baby (Donna), BJ's music box (apparently Donna is worthy of it while Carly's first daughter Joss, was not).

Jax is angry at Sonny and says he has to protect Joss from whoever is after Dev. He accuses Sonny of hiding behind the women who love him. Sonny says Jax can be mad at him, but not to take it out on Dev.

Jax says Dev has a bounty on his head and is worried that Joss will be caught in the crossfire. Jax says he will protect Carly and Joss no matter what.

Joss tells Dev that Jax knows the truth. She worries what he'll do about it in order to keep her safe. 

Nina and Valentin exchange their vows. When the priest asks if anyone objects, Lulu stands up and stops the wedding. She insists on saying what she needs to say. Charlotte is sent out of the room.

Nina calls Lulu a spiteful bitch. Valentin wants Lulu tossed out. Lulu says Sasha isn't Nina's daughter, which annoys Nina. Curtis points out that DNA tests were done. Lulu says Liesl and Sasha were talking about it the night before.

Nina turns to Sasha and asks for answers.