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WATCH: Mathew Knowles Discusses Cancer Diagnosis with Tamron Hall


On the October 8 episode of Tamron Hall's eponymous ABC talk show, dad-ager extraordinaire Mathew Knowles discussed his July breast cancer diagnosis. The father of superstar singers Beyoncé and Solange appeared with his second wife, Gena, to talk about his health struggle.

Dr. Knowles says he is in remission, though TMZ reports he plans to have a second mastectomy in January 2020. But he admitted to Hall:

"I’m not comfortable saying 'cancer-free,' only because there’s still a risk.”

Gena Avery Knowles, whom Mathew wed in 2013, was understandably concerned. Her own sister passed away from the disease six months prior to Mathew's diagnosis. 

Mathew's ex-wife, Tina Knowles Lawson, told Entertainment Tonight:

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"Thank God he [discovered] it very early on, and he is going to be fine. I'm [calling] it."

A recent participant in Susan G. Komen's Houston Race for the Cure, he tested positive for a gene mutation called BRCA2. Those with either the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations are at much higher risk for breast cancer. He told People that, as a result, "Beyoncé and Solange have an increased risk," but both have been tested.

And, of course, no interview with the former manager of Destiny's Child would be complete without a discussion of a possible DC3 reunion. The question comes on the heels of Beyoncé reuniting with former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the grand opening of Tyler Perry's new Atlanta studio. 

Mathew quipped that any re-forming of the group would take at least two years to organize. So who knows what the future holds for fans of the immortal trio?

Watch Mathew Knowles on Tamron Hall below: