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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Calls In Her Chips With Brad on General Hospital

Parry Shen

Parry Shen

Lulu claims she heard Liesl and Sasha in the bathroom. Liesl denies and denies. Nina insists that Lulu is lying and wants to ruin her wedding day. Valentin claims Lulu wants to hurt him. Nina says Lulu is jealous because Charlotte loves her more (that one deserved a punch in the face that JMB would have handed out if she was still Lulu). 

Nina wants Sasha to deny, but Sasha admits she isn't Nina's daughter and the DNA tests were faked. She says it was an elaborate scheme to make Nina happy. Nina turns to Valentin, who also denies, denies, denies. Nina chews the scenery like nobody's business.

Sasha says she did it for the money and claims she loves Nina. Nina yells betrayal and pulls the heart necklace off of Sasha's neck. Nina turns back to Valentin. She claims Sasha's not smart enough to pull this off on her own and believes he lied to her. Nina storms out and runs into Jax, who takes her away.

Ava pays Ryan a visit to tell him to stop writing letters to her. She says she told the warden about them in the hopes that Ryan will stop. Ryan says he cherishes her and believes she waits every day for a letter. 

Ava complains about the Crimson article and tells Ryan that Kiki visited her in a dream. She says she can't change and she's still the same woman. Ryan says he nurtured her true inner desires and she glowed when she was with him. Ava's had enough and leaves (though I believe there was a little spark of something going on there).

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Nelle summons Brad to Pentonville, forcing him to leave Wiley with babysitters Chase and Willow. Nelle tells Brad not to leave Wiley with Sasha. She admits she was going to tell Michael the truth until she saw a photo of Sasha holding the baby. 

Nelle says she's up for parole and wants Brad to sign an affidavit saying she was hormonal and not responsible for her actions. Brad agrees since she points out she can spill the beans about Wiley at any time. ( I love Chloe Lanier! I mean, Nelle lives in Crazy Town, but CL just plays it so beautifully.)

Willow and Chase hang out with Wiley. Chase wonders if it changes anything about the adoption for Willow now that Shiloh is dead. When Chase steps out to take a call, Willow tells Wiley she would love to be his mother, but knows that he has a family with Brucas. Willow says she won't take him away from his fathers, but someday she hopes to have her own relationship with him.

Jordan figures Sasha had help to pull this off. Lulu believes it was Valentin. Michael says Sasha was waiting for the right time to say something. Lulu and Maxie are upset that Michael knew. 

Lulu believes both Liesl and Valentin were behind it. Maxie confronts Lulu about exactly what she heard in the bathroom. Lulu insists she heard what she heard. Maxie confronts Liesl who lies and says Lulu must have misunderstood. Maxie accepts that. (Which means she's dumber than a box of rocks. Maxie honey, if Liesl and Sasha were talking about it enough for Lulu to understand and spill the beans, it means Liesl knew the truth).

Valentin's angry with Lulu for breaking Nina's heart and says she'll regret it. Curtis accuses Valentin of using him to hurt Nina. He says he'll find out the truth about the DNA tests and will make Valentin pay. Jordan points out that there could be fraud charges.

Jax takes Nina to his new home and offers her a drink. Nina tells him Sasha is a fake.