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Perkie's Observations: The Roads From Shiloh Lead to Sam on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, Jason Morgan, Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco, Briana Nicole Henry

Nina wakes up on Jax's couch and thanks him for his hospitality. She admits he warned her about Valentin, but she didn't want to see it. Jax tries to defend Valentin by saying he may not be behind this. Nina decides she needs to go back to Wyndemere and face everyone.

Finn and Hayden run into each other and make small talk about her dog. After Hayden leaves, Chase shows up. Finn says he thinks Hayden is lying to him. Chase wonders why it matters to Finn since Hayden is his ex. Chase thinks Finn is trying to fill the void of Anna's absence (seriously, where is Finola?).

Charlotte wonders why Lulu stopped the wedding. Lulu says things between Nina and Valentin are an issue, but they still love Charlotte. Charlotte wants to see Nina, so the two head to Crimson.

Maxie's still worried about Nina and isn't sure Lulu did the right thing by telling the truth. Peter points out that Maxie was right about Sasha all along. Maxie admits she thinks Liesl was involved despite her denials.

Charlotte arrives. Maxie says she's also upset that Michael didn't say anything about Sasha not being Nina's daughter. Lulu is forced to explain to Charlotte. 

Michael whisked Sasha away for the night. Now, she's not ready to go back to Port Charles and face everyone. Michael says she can start healing and move on. Sasha says she has no life in Port Charles now, but Michael says he's a reason . . . and he will stand behind her. Sasha agrees to go back. 

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Valentin worries about Nina and isn't happy when Liesl reminds him that she said this would blow up in his face. Valentin blames Liesl for Lulu outing Sasha. Liesl points out she has as much to lose with Nina and Maxie.

Liesl says Sasha hasn't pointed the finger at anyone else and they need to get her out of Port Charles before she does. 

Laura gives an update to Curtis and Hayden about Helena's portrait and the codicil being somewhere on Spoon Island. After Laura leaves, Curtis complains to Hayden about Valentin hurting Nina. Hayden says the bigger picture is getting Valentin out of the Cassadine holdings and to focus on that. 

Michael and Sasha head to Crimson. Charlotte demands answers. Sasha says she isn't Nina's daughter, but she's come to think of Nina and Charlotte as family. Charlotte is still upset and leaves.

Laura heads to Wyndemere for the painting but Valentin says he threw it away. Laura is not happy. Then, Nina shows up at Wyndemere with Jax. 

Peter's minion is brought in to the station for helping Shiloh escape. He calls Peter and warns him to help him out of this mess. 

FBI agent Edward Caldwell arrives at the station. He tells Jordan that Shiloh's death happened in international waters, which makes it their jurisdiction. Jordan says Sam killed Shiloh in self defense, but Edward wants to review the evidence.

Peter's minion is ready to talk thanks to some coaching from Peter. Jordan asks who hired him to help Shiloh escape. The answer: Sam.