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WATCH: Sesame Street Takes on Opioid Addiction With Muppet Karli and Her Mom

Sesame Street-Karli and Elmo

One of the world's most famous streets is dealing with a fight America is battling: the opioid crisis. Sesame Street introduced viewers to a new muppet named Karli. She is a friend of Elmo's who lived with "for-now parents" in foster care. Last month, the show revealed Karli's birth mother is an addict. Now in new videos, she discusses her mom's battle and road to recovery, and how Karli has been dealing with it.

While hanging out with Chris (Chris Knowings) and waiting on Karli's mom, Elmo wonders what meeting she's attending. Chris and Karli explain to him what the meetings are all about. Karli tells Elmo,

They talk about grown-up problems. She goes every day so that she stays healthy. You see, well, my mom needs help learning to take better care of herself so she talks to people with the same problem.

Watch the clip below.

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In another clip released, Karli talks with Salia Woodbury, a 10-year-old girl from California who has both parents in recovery. Salia states,

 Right, we're not alone. And it's OK to open up to people about our feelings.

In another clip, Karli opens up to Elmo and admits she used to blame herself for her mom's issues, but her mother assured her she wasn't to blame and it was an adult issue. According to Karli,

I used to feel like a lot of things were my fault, especially my mom's problem. But she told me no, it was a grown-up problem. It wasn't because of anything I did and she said that she loves me no matter what.

The videos are all part of an online-only series to teach the child audience how to deal with parents battling addiction as a part of Sesame Street in Communities, a program that teams up with organizations that help children and families, including non-profits and social work organizations.