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Perkie's Observations: Julian Throttles Brad on General Hospital

William deVry, Parry Shen

William deVry, Parry Shen

Valentin's thrilled to see Nina, but she says she's there to get her things and leave. Valentin understands her anger, but loves her and blames everything on Sasha. Nina says she was betrayed and doesn't trust or believe him anymore. Nina declares them over.

Brad tells Julian that he has a problem with Nelle and wants help to contain her. Julian says it's Brad's mess and he'll need to clean it up on his own. Brad points out that Sonny and Lucas will not be happy if they find out the truth. Julian grabs Brad around the throat and says he doesn't take kindly to threats.

Ava arrives in time to stop anything from going further. After Brad leaves, Julian tells Ava what happened at Nina's wedding and how she stormed out. He's certain Ava will enjoy the story, but Ava says after everything she's been through, she won't celebrate Nina's pain.

Michael's helping Sasha pack up her things at Crimson when Lucy shows up. Lucy demands to know if Sasha has agreed to be the face of Deception. Sasha tells Lucy she isn't Nina's daughter, which makes Lucy think they should capitalize on the publicity. Sasha refuses to cause Nina any more pain.

Nina shows up and is angry to see Sasha there. Lucy claims Sasha is remorseful, but Nina's not having it. Sasha swears she did this on her own with the help of her family lawyer. She claims Valentin and Liesl had nothing to do with it.

Nina doesn't believe her and is certain Valentin set it up. Sasha continues to lie and says a college friend doctored the DNA tests and begs Nina not to cut everyone else out of her life. 

Joss and Dev are doing homework together. She promises Dev that Jax won't hurt him by telling the truth. The two start joking around until Dev grabs her diary. The two share a moment until Joss snaps out of it. 

Jax arrives and tells them he won't contradict the story that Dev is Sonny's cousin. However, he did tell Sonny first that he wasn't going to lie if the Feds come knocking. 

Brad has an appointment with Neil to get some medication for his nerves. Neil needs to understand what the problem is. Brad says Wiley was kidnapped by Shiloh and now he worries the baby can be taken at anytime. Neil gives him a prescription, but says he wants to continue to see Brad and Lucas for sessions. 

Julian summons Alexis to the bar to complain that Olivia is putting flyers around town bad mouthing the bar. He says she's messing with his business. Alexis tells him to continue with the sale of the pub to make Olivia happy. 

Julian doesn't want anything new, he's happy with his pub. Ava pipes up to say the bar is where Julian started his new life post-Alexis. 

Liesl decides she's going to hide out in Switzerland, so that she can't be extradited if Nina files fraud charges. Valentin decides he's going to take Charlotte and go to Greece. 

Ava pays Nina a visit, with a bottle of Scotch for solidarity.