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WATCH: Ken Corday Discusses His All-Time Favorite Days of Our Lives Storyline

Deidre Hall, Ken Corday

Deidre Hall, Ken Corday

Days of Our Lives exec Ken Corday is promoting his soap in the Southern Hemisphere. Appearing on the Australian morning show Today Extra, he discussed his favorite-ever storyline. He adored - but was skeptical of - the Marlena possession tale, first spun by James E. Reilly back in the 1990s.

Corday told Today Extra:

"The writer called me and said this is what we are going to do. And I said, 'You're mad, that will never work!'"

Initially, the possession was only set to be a brief plot. But fans fell in love with Deidre Hall's epic portrayal of demon Marlena, and so it kept running.

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Corday continued:

"That was October, we were meant to end it at Christmas, but it went till Easter. It just kept playing and playing!" 

American soaps have long been popular Down Under, so perhaps it's no surprise that Today Extra host Dickie Wilkins reportedly requested a guest spot on DAYS.

Watch Corday chat it up below: