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Perkie's Observations: Liz Questions Kim's Motives on General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Liesl wants to know the truth about Nina's birth child from Valentin. According to Madeline, Nina didn't miscarry when she was in a coma, but gave birth. Then, the baby was given up for adoption. He says he searched for the child and didn't find her, so he hired Sasha.

Liesl prepares to leave the country. Valentin points out that running will make her look guilty. Liesl hopes time away will help Nina and Maxie forgive her. 

Nina tells Maxie she stayed at Jax's and is devastated about what happened. Maxie asks if she believes Valentin's denials. Nina says Sasha only implicated herself. Maxie says she knows that Liesl was holding over Valentin and thinks it's the secret about Sasha. Maxie is certain that Valentin lied, and deep down, Nina knows the truth. 

Peter pays a lawyer named Roz to take care of his minion Bryce, who's in custody. Roz shows up at the station for a talk with Bryce. Bryce tells Jordan and the FBI agent that Sam hired him to help Shiloh escape so she could kill him. The FBI agent wants to cut a deal, even though Jordan warns that the story feels fabricated. Jordan calls Sam back to the station. 

Sonny runs into Sam and Jason. He tells Sam that the black box from Drew's plane was found and it was confirmed the pilot lost control. He tells Sam that Drew has been declared dead. Sam gets upset, crying to Jason that Drew was a good man and father. She worries what she'll tell Scout. Jason still questions the odds of the plane going down the same day that Andre was stabbed. 

Kim questions Liz's decision about Franco. She says "Drew" wants the right to make his own decisions. Liz says Franco is not well and neither is Kim if she can't tell the difference between Drew and Franco. 

Julian pays Franco a visit. They argue about Kim. Franco says he's known her longer. Julian reminds him they knew each other decades ago. Julian says Franco doesn't know the woman that Kim has become. Julian tells Franco to stop enabling Kim. 

Peter meets with Andre and asks about the memory transfer for Franco. Andre says he has no way to know how things will work out since the procedure has never been done before. Andre says they have to wipe Drew's memories and hope that Franco's memories return to the surface. Andre says it could also make Drew's memories stronger. He wonders why Peter is pumping him for information. Peter says his father set this all in motion and he wishes all of it could be undone. 

Liz and Kim find out that Franco's hearing will begin next week. Sam and Jason head to the station. Jason spots Bryce and thinks he recognizes him. Jason finds Andre and shows him a photo of Bryce. Andre says he was the man who stabbed him.

FBI agent Edward places Sam under arrest, despite her and Jordan's protests. He says Sam is denied bail and remanded to Pentonville until her hearing. 

Nina shows up at Wyndemere.