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Perkie's Observations: Nina Wipes the Slate Clean With Valentin on General Hospital

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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

Nina arrives at Wyndemere as Valentin prepares to leave. He says he's going to Greece with Charlotte since it would hurt too much to stay and be apart. Nina wants to know why Valentin allowed Charlotte to love Sasha as a sister. 

Valentin explains and tells the truth up to a point. He tells Nina that Madeline admitted there was a baby who was given up for adoption. He says he searched everywhere, but came up empty.

Jax finds Carly waiting to be discharged from the hospital. She says Donna will be staying in the NICU for a little while longer despite her full recovery. Carly's sad and reminds Jax that today is the anniversary of Morgan's death. She says he would still be alive if she hadn't gone back to Sonny. Jax sings Carly's praises as a selfless mother.

Joss, Cameron, and Trina are carving pumpkins for Halloween. Dev comes in looking to take Sonny's car for a ride. Joss gets upset. She explains that Morgan died three years ago in a car bomb and Dev shouldn't joke about these things. She storms out. 

Finn admits to Alexis that he's lonely and miserable without Anna (seriously, where is Finola?). He mentions to Alexis that he believes Hayden is lying to him and then tells her about the dog. Finn believes Hayden has been lying to him all along and she never miscarried. Alexis tells him to ask Hayden for the truth, but he says he's moved on with Anna. Alexis tells Finn to call Anna and ask her to come back and help him deal with this. 

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Peter questions why Liesl is planning on leaving town and wonders if she was in on the Sasha lie. Liesl continues to deny any involvement and says she's leaving because people will assume she was. Liesl warns Peter to be good to Maxie while she's gone because she'll be watching him. 

Jason wants to know what Diane is doing to get Sam out of this mess with the Feds. Diane says it won't be easy because Sam has a list of priors, as does Jason. Jason thinks the Feds are going after Sam because of him, but Diane says Sam has her own criminal past. She says she will petition the court to keep Sam in county lockup rather than Pentonville. Sam and Jason say goodbye to each other. She says she can handle things, but worries about the kids. Jason says they're with the Quartermaines and reassures her. 

Sonny heads over to Morgan's grave to talk to him. Carly joins him there. 

Cameron and Trina are upset that they forgot about Morgan's anniversary. Joss returns and apologizes for jumping down their throats. She realizes how lucky she is to have them as friends. 

Hayden reminds Jax they need to find the codicil and he wonders about her urgency. Jax thinks it's about Hayden not wanting Finn to find out about the baby. Jax says keeping the baby a secret is terrible. Hayden wants the codicil found so she can leave.

Valentin starts lying and tells Nina that he sent Curtis to talk to Madeline's lawyer. He says the lawyer was the one who brought Sasha into it. He says he never met the lawyer and he believes Sasha did not mean to be malicious. 

Nina, because she's dumber than a box of rocks, says she believes him. She now thinks all of this is on Sasha and the lawyer. She forgives Valentin and asks him not to go to Greece. Valentin calls Liesl and tells her not to leave town. He says Nina believes that Sasha acted alone.