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WATCH: Kathy Griffin to Wendy Williams: "None of My Family Members Talk to Me"

Kathy Griffin sat down on Wendy Williams' couch this week to talk about the fallout from her infamous "Trump head" picture. Ever since she took a staged photo with a faux-severed head of Donald Trump, Griffin has seen her career and personal life go into free-fall.

She's filmed a documentary, A Hell of a Story, about the resulting events, from being targeted by the FBI to estrangement from her family members. When discussing her relationship with her boyfriend and her family, Griffin admitted, per TooFab:

"His family, they're very vocal online with how they deal about me and that's hard for him to deal with[...]And none of my family members talk to me. Not one Griffin has contacted me."

Most recently, Griffin has spoken about how a new promo video showed Trump "shooting, stabbing, and attacking the news media and his opponents," per Vox

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Former Bravo star Griffin also discussed her ongoing issues with Andy Cohen. She dished, per PopCulture:

"He was terrible to me, he fired me from Bravo, he was a horrible boss the entire time I was there."

Watch Griffin and Williams chat about Cohen, Trump, Anderson Cooper, and so much more below.