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LisaRaye On Nicole Murphy's Wendy Williams Appearance: "She Might Wanna Come And See Me”

Lisa Raye, Da Brat

LisaRaye and DaBrat

LisaRaye McCoy wants to have a little chit-chat with Nicole Murphy. The actress appeared on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to promote her upcoming TV One Uncensored episode and the former Mrs. Eddie Murphy came up. Last month, Murphy stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to clear up the misnomer she was a homewrecker after pictures surfaced of Murphy kissing the very-married director Antoine Fuqua in Italy.

McCoy dropped a bombshell soon after and claimed Murphy tried to get with her ex-husband, former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands Michael Misick, while they were still married! Now when Murphy sat on the couch with Ms. Wendy, she claimed she never busted up McCoy's marriage. Murphy stated in regards to an article on McCoy's claims,

It says I broke up someone’s marriage, which is absolutely false. I never did that.

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Not so fast, says McCoy. The The Players Club actress is crying foul and claiming Murphy's playing a game of semantics. According to McCoy,

She did this play on words on The Wendy Williams Show: ‘I did not break up LisaRaye’s marriage.’ It was like no b—-h…No. I didn’t say that. I never said you broke up my marriage. That ain’t what I said. I’m a let her play on words with that but she might wanna come and see me. She might want to see me and tell me that face to face. I would accept that. To me, that’s the only way to get things out: face to face and woman to woman about it. I was woman to woman about it when I stepped to her so now she thinks I’m lying, I welcome you to come to me and tell me that in my face. Please and thank you. Yeah, let’s make that happen. Let’s make that happen.

 Run up to get done up is LisaRaye's motto! Watch the interview below.